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Have fun, have faith, and punch fear in the face!
— Jacque Amadi
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Hailing from the Midwest, Wichita, Kansas to be exact, Jacque Amadi is blazing trails in Dallas! After meeting Jacque in a Facebook blogger group, I instantly gravitated toward her friendly demeanor and fierce entrepreneurial spirit. Not only is she an e-commerce guru, her Build-A-Boutique course speaks for itself, but she is also the kitschy curated behind the successful online shop, Adorned by Chi. If it's frilly, poofy, vintage inspired or pink, she will most definitely be rocking it or it may be stashed away in her wardrobe or in her shop for you to purchase. 

With dreams of turning her online shop in a full-time gig and creating a killer blog, Jacque is well on her way to becoming a mogul in the online biz + blogging world! I could talk about this woman for hours, so let's hop right on in to our 1-on-1.

Chakayla Taylor: So, tell us a little bit about yourself and your AH-MAY-ZING blog.

Jacque Amadi: Hey there! I'm a freelance Digital Marketer, online shop owner, and blogger. My blog, Jacque of All Trades, covers all sorts of topics, from social media to personal growth, but the running theme is starting and marketing an e-commerce business. I even have a course for young ladies who want to sell online.

I love e-commerce! No matter what I always go back to selling cute, fashionable pieces.
— Jacque Amadi


CT: Every blogger has a story, so what's yours? What inspired you to create your amazing, resourceful blog?

JA: Thanks! I started my blog on January 1st 2015, as a way to "start fresh" after a hard year. I didn't have a plan or anything, so I started blogging about what I knew best- e-commerce, and social media marketing. Now? As I learn new skills, like event planning, I share lessons with my readers!

CT: With your strengths in building amazing e-comm sites and resourceful courses, what is your personal mission for empowering young women + what are 3 essential resources for them?

JA: I want to inspire young women to step out on faith and stop letting fear hold them back from pursuing their dreams. If that means doing something super scary just to prove that you can do it too (Like event planning. Seriously, it scares the crap out of me!), then that's what I'll do!

I really love Mariah Coz at Femtrepreneur. She's crazy smart and gives great info for free.

Also Regina at By Regina seems to be everyone's fave, and with good reason. She's a blogging ninja and also has a plethora of free resources.

The last resource is a journal. Write everything down. Every thought, idea or plan. Your brain can be your own resource. You know more than you think, plus it helps you with clarity later on!

A Note From Jacque

For any of your readers in the Dallas area, I'm hosting a super fun, hands-on, kick-in-the-pants workshop on February 7th to help you kick-start your creative businesses! It's called From Passion to Profit and you can learn more and purchase tickets here. Also save 20% using the code "chakaylapassion". See you there!

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