Learn How to Fine Tune Your Ideas

How to Fine Tune Your Ideas

1. Pen to Paper-Brainstorm!

Bring your ideas to life by putting pen to paper! If you are not writing down your ideas (even if they are not developed), you are setting yourself up for failure. I don't care if you are physically writing them (which I encourage) or if you are using a notes app on your phone, take 5-10 minutes to just write and purge those ideas on to something tangible. 

2. Outline the Purpose of Your Idea

We often forget that PURPOSE is the core to any idea or project we create. Before you begin turning your idea into a reality, think about the purpose: will this teach your online community how to code? Or, will this idea (project/blog post/product/service) encourage or empower them? Whatever the purpose, this is where you will begin to make the connections on how you can bring it to life. 

3. Think of the Strategy

Strategy, strategy, strategy! This step takes a lot of planning, rewriting, rearranging and rethinking. But, that is totally okay! In order to curate a successful idea into reality, you must be willing to think through a strategy on how you will share it.

4. How Will You Implement 

Where will you share this idea, will this be an e-course, blog post, clarity call or webinar? Now that you've put in the work, it's time for you to share it and live by it.