12 Business Mantras Solange Gives Girlbosses in #ASeatAtTheTable!

Sorry, not sorry, I had to jump on the Solange blog post bandwagon! 

Since it's release on Friday, Sept. 30, Solange's A Seat At The Table has been in constant rotation on my laptop and phone. Let's be absolutely honest here, A Seat At The Table has been a source of inspiration and empowerment for her diverse fan base, specifically black women. With images of brutality and racial injustice spewed over the media, Solange turns horrific images (and realities) into beautiful melodic tunes that hit hard ... sometimes, without you even realizing the story she has painted in the song. That's how involved this album will have you.

Let's be real, I am no music critic ... but there are 12 lyrics from A Seat At The Table that all girlbosses can most certainly begin to use as daily mantras! Yes, daily inspiration mantras!

One of the non-negotiables that I have set in place for myself is that I must write in my purpose journal and I must share my inspiration mantras on Twitter, each morning. Before A Seat At The Table, your girl was slacking with her journal entries and Twitter sessions ... but thanks to my spirit animal Solange, I am getting my act together and I welcoming you to do the same! 

If you are with me and you are ready to continue to slay your brand before 2017 arrives, scroll on down boo and let's get to work!

1. Walk in your ways so you can wake up and rise. (Rise)

2. But what you gonna do when they saw all your moves and practiced em daily, protect your neck or give invitations? (Junie)

3. They say the truth is my sound. (Don't Touch My Hair)

4. Don't touch my soul when its's the rhythm I know. Don't touch my crown, they say the vision I've found. (Don't Touch My Hair)

5. When you know you gotta pay the cost, Play the game just to play the boss. So you thinking what you gained you lost. But you know your shit is taking off. (F.U.B.U.)

6. If you don't understand us and understand what we been through, then you probably wouldn't understand what this moment is about! This is HOME, this is where we from, this is where we belong. (Interlude: This Moment)

7. You got the light count it all joy you got the right to be mad but when you carry it along you find it only getting in the way they say, you gotta let it go. (Mad)

8. Well it's like cranes in the sky, something I don't wanna feel those metal clouds. (Cranes in the Sky)

9. We bowed our heads. We broke our bread that night. Shook our hands then conquer and divide. (Where Do We Go)

10. So let's take it off tonight, break it off tonight. Baby let's know when to let go. Baby it's war outside these walls, baby it's war outside thee doors. It's a safe place tonight, baby I know what you're fighting for. (Borderline-An Ode to Self-Care)

11. Don't let anybody steal your magic ... But I got so much y'all, you can have it. (I Got So Much Magic, You Can Have It)

12. Ain't no apologizing, for all of the things you want. So if dreams only go so far, they'll come to where you are. (Scales)

Which mantra is your favorite?