40+ Things You Should Be Doing Before 2017 Arrives [FREE Branding + Business Checklist]

The countdown has begun! We are officially three (short) months away from 2017. Seriously, where has the time gone. It feels like it was yesterday when I was throwing black and gold confetti screaming, "Happy 2016!"

With 2017 peaking around the corner like, "What's up, bae," it's time to get our brands into tip top shape so that we can focus on truly slaying the New Year. It's time that we've faced it, when a new year slides through, as bloggers and entrepreneurs, I feel like we have this innate behavior to try and catch up with what we didn't accomplish the year before. This is one of the many reason why New Year Resolutions fold on us.

With today's post, I do not want us to create brand resolutions, I want us to create (and fulfill) BRANDING + MARKETING solutions focused on PACED SUCCESS. Yes, success should happen on our own terms and on our own timelines. So, before we deep dive into our 2017 Brand Clarity Checklist, I want to warn you that it is length. Please do no stress over what needs to be done and what hasn't been done. Instead, I want to encourage you to use this list as motivation to transform your brand into one you truly adore.

Okay, are you ready? Let's get into our checklist!

Branding + Business Starter Checklist

  1. File for LLC or Sole Proprietorship.
  2. Stay up-to-date with quarterly business taxes.
  3. Revise/write business plan.
  4. Send thank-you notes/emails to former clients and/or peers or brands you've collaborated with.
  5. Reconnect with potential clients.
  6. Re-up on "thank-you" cards.
  7. Re-up/create business cards.
  8. Revise customer service plans.
  9. Update/Clean out emailing lists.
  10. Unsubscribe to emailing lists you no longer read.
  11. Skim through email and answer, delete or file emails accordingly.
  12. Tie any loose ends for open projects, requests, collaborations.
  13. Assess financial loses and gains
  14. Revise courses and challenges with updated information.
  15. Ensure all links in old blog posts are updated.
  16. Revise tabs on your blog.
  17. Clean up blog sidebars.
  18. Update bio photos (website + social).

You're thinking, "Chakayla, where is the rest of the list?" Don't worry, I have the FULL, EFFECTIVE checklist available for free download from my Beautiful Brand Resource Library. Click the button below to snag your copy!