[Guest Post] How to Walk in Your Purpose ... Like A Boss!

On December 18, 2015 my life changed. My life didn’t just change because it was my 24th birthday, but because I released my blog. Shea What’s Real was available to the public and I wasn’t exactly sure what would happen. Holding in this massive secret and keeping everything under wraps was a struggle for me. I wanted to tell everyone about my blog, my ventures, everything! I had a vision for my blog, but I knew I couldn’t rush the success of it and I’d have to grow through the process. This blog didn’t just happen over night though. Let’s rewind a bit and see how I got to this point.

When I was young I participated in the choir and dance team at church. During these adolescent years, I didn’t really know if my heart was in it for the right reasons or if I only participated because my parents told me to. Don’t get me wrong, I love God (you don’t love God what’s wrong witchu) but I needed to sing and dance those praises for God with my whole heart. After contemplating about my participation in church, I quit the dance team and choir. I didn’t want to fake my connection with God or be a participant and I was unsure about my ministry. 

From that moment on, I was determined to find my purpose God set out for me. I’m just like your average girl on the outside, but on the inside I became frustrated and discouraged with the unknown. I tried different things but it just didn’t feel right. Ten years later, I still struggled with the battle of the unknown but I became more confident and prayerful. Everyone around me was talented and it was visible. My friends were artists: painters, designers, mc’s, poets, etc. Me on the other hand, I was just a girl with a pretty smile and bright personality.  I’ve always been told “everyone has a purpose”, but I had yet to figure out what it was.

I moved from North Carolina to Florida in September 2015 and experienced multiple adversities. I had problems financially and emotionally, but I knew it was only temporary. Through the misfortunes I was able to remain calm and become stronger than I could possibly imagine. As I experienced the trials of life, I began writing down all of my feelings and emotions. While I was heading in the direction of healing, I felt writing for myself just wasn’t enough. After each sentence was being written, I felt a little better but there was something missing. The world needed to read what I was writing. 

When I felt God tell me to write a blog, I was shocked. I didn’t own a laptop, I didn’t know anything about the blogosphere, I was completely lost. I knew I needed to take professional pictures, get a logo and figure out a layout for the website, so I reached out to friends for some suggestions. I needed a laptop in order to make this happen, so I did my research and asked around. I needed a coach and friend to encourage me through this journey, so I reached out to Chakayla. Now that I think about it, its actually funny how God strategically places people in your life! 

Looking back on the process, I don’t regret a single movement I made. I definitely thought the creation of the blog was quick, but its only because I was surrounded by bomb entrepreneurs who were willing to help me. I have been able to reach people in other countries since December and I’m absolutely enjoying this learning process. I’ve been able to keep a leveled head because of the amazing support and encouragement coming from those around me. 

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