Why Building Your Offline Tribe is An Effective Business Strategy!

We are four months away from 2017 and I am focused on providing you with gems that will help you supercharge your brand. One of those gems that I will continue to share, is the power of building your offline brand. Like you, I still identify as an online blogger focused on providing amazing resources to inspire transformation in those who read my content. But with this responsibility, it is essential that you begin thinking about how you want to use your influence. 

One of the ways that I have decided to use my connections, influence and knack for creating resources, is through the creation of my traveling brunch workshop series called Blog Like A Boss. Affectionately known as BLAB, this brunch workshop is dedicated to helping my tribe members propel their brands and build beautiful businesses of their dreams! No matter if my tribe members are new to the industry or blogging vets, BLAB is an intimate networking event where I invite fellow bloggers and entrepreneurs to share their blogging and business secrets. 

When I created BLAB, I had no idea the amazing exposure it would create for my brand. Better yet, I had no idea the amazing women that I would inspire to create their own brands and blogs. Taking the time to create an event solely dedicated to educating female entrepreneurs and bloggers about the opportunities, resources, connections, books, podcasts, groups, social media tips and networking advice available to help them achieve their own success, has been absolutely exhilarating.

After my September trip to New York, I KNEW that this is my calling. My purpose is to educate, inspire and motivate the women around me to seek their own truth, by creating S O M E T H I N G that belongs to them. Something that they created by hand, something that inspires them to wake up everyday and hustle. This is my truth and I will continue to participate in this journey until everyone around me achieves their own form of success. 

                                                                           Blog Like A Boss Brunch Workshop, New York 2016

                                                                           Blog Like A Boss Brunch Workshop, New York 2016

By no means am I telling you to host events or even a brunch/workshop series. I am simply sharing a mini-success story. When I decided to step out on faith, I was able to create an offline experience that tied in everything I have created over the past seven years as an online content creator. Now it's your turn! Let's get your ideas flowing! Below I have provided 20 offline business ideas to get your ideas off the ground!

Let's get to work!

20 Ways to Start Your Offline Success

  1. Host an Event
  2. Attend Local Events
  3. Attend a Conference
  4. Speak at Conferences
  5. Assist a Fellow Blogger or Business-Owner with an Event they are hosting
  6. Start a Charity
  7. Attend Fashion Shows
  8. Host Seminars
  9. Offer 1-on-1 Coaching Sessions 
  10. Partner with local small businesses
  11. Consultant with local Businesses/Entrepreneurs 
  12. Interview Fellow Bloggers + Biz Owners 
  13. Collaborate with Local Colleges to Speak/Host Free Sessions
  14. Host Joint Events
  15. Purchase Vendor Space to Sell Your Products
  16. Pitch Local News Stations for An Interview/Segment Feature
  17. Host Meet and Greets with Your Tribe
  18. Resume/Blog Post/Website/Business Plan/Business Paperwork Review Sessions
  19. Provide Decor/Stylist Service
  20. Financial Analyst (for bloggers + small businesses)

Let's get to work, queens!