Insecure Episode 6, Sn. 1: Guilty As F [Dishing Tea Recap]

Spoiler Alert: I will be dishing major tea from last night's episode of Insecure. Children, children, if you haven't taken your time to keep up with the episodes, kindly exist stage right and minimize this screen until you are all caught up! I don't want to be the one that ruins your viewing pleasure this week. 

Speedy Recap: After her hot and steamy sex-filled night with Daniel, Issa goes home to sweet Lawrence who is laying on his love super thick (i.e. picking up Issa's dry cleaning, getting his abs tight ... checking out wedding bands. YAS, girl, the man is thinking about marrying this woman!) In the midst of Issa's guilt, and avoiding Daniel, Molly is struggling with Jared's confession of him hooking with another dude, when he was in school. Strangely enough, Molly has also hooked up with someone of the same sex as well, so what's the big deal? 

Dishing Tea Recap

Last night's epic episode was directed by the legendary Debbie Allen. If you are unfamiliar with her, please conduct a Google Search and hit me back up here. Let's just say, she is the ultimate girlboss we all aspire to be! So, with that being said, episode 6 was just beyond amazing and full of funny, steamy sex scenes. I promise, I promise, there are some major gems to be gained from this episode:

1. The Grass Ain't Always Greener on the Other Side

Issa is finally realizing that her Black Spiderman is actually not that bad. Now that Lawrence has gotten his priorities together and is focused on making his current job situation work for him, she is beginning to see him for the man he use to be. Unfortunately, it's happening a little too late after Issa's steamy rendezvous.

Come on now, we all know that this is one of the classic sayings that our parents and grandparents use to tell us when we wanted to QUIT one sport or program for another one that SEEMED to be much better. So, instead of taking heed to their advice, we suffered through rugby instead of just buckling down and slaying at soccer. You feel me? When pursuing goals that may seem challenging, we have that feeling in the back of our mind that if we quit, it will make things much better. But, if you quit ... what insights would you gain through that? 

2. Sex is Not The Remedy

Hear me out here, this is less about business and personal development in your career, and more about progressing your personal affairs. One of the common themes that ran throughout last night's episode was SEX. Molly screwed things up with Jared, so Jared buries that hatchet with kitchen sex. Issa realizes that Lawrence is an amazing guy, with some personal obstacles of his own, so she lays it on him in the last scene. 

I believe the message that's being threaded here is that, what happens in the dark, will come to light ... no matter how much we pretend it doesn't exist. Communication is essential in order to overcome the issues we face. Yes, it's not always going to be easy, but much better than being paranoid and hiding your true feelings or actions. Let's do better! 

3. Double Standards ...

Are just as ridiculous as men making more than women, who are in the same position. Plain and simple! 

What were you favorite moments from Episode 6?