7 Ways to Eliminate FEAR In Your Business

When you show up and show out, you are the only one you need to impress. 

Often times the fear we experience as business owners, is how others (especially our tribe members) will receive us. Of course there are different levels of fear and anxiety that we all experience one time or another. But in order for us to feel 100% confident in our roles as kick ass influencers and business owners, we must face the things that truly hold us captive. 

Are you ready to unleash your magic? Then let's attack that fear together!

1. Just Think, "What's the Worse Thing That Could Happen?"

As my mother would say, "You're damned if you do and damned if you don't!" You never really know how the coin will flip when launching a project, initiative or even when the email is sent. The fear of rejection is real, but so is the sweet taste of success.

Gaining the confidence to launch, hold my breath and leap took some time to develop. But when I take the time to look back on my success (and failure) resume, more than half of the achievements and opportunities I have been presented with would have never came into fruition if I did not open my mouth and grab hold of my magic in that moment.  

2. Take A Step Back & Assess ... What's Causing This Scarcity?

What's causing you to believe you are not GOOD enough to achieve the success or opportunities  you want to capture? Who (or what) taught you to listen and believe in those self-limiting thoughts?

Seek the answers and reasons ... HEAD ON! You are ONLY who you believe you are. 

3. What Will the World Miss Out On?

You, that's what! Each and every brand owner/business owner brings a different light to the industry. Along with our light, we all have a different focus and niche that adds SPICE on this world. You never know, you may have the next award winning idea! But, you will never know until you leap.

4. Instead of Viewing Everyone in The Room In Their Underwear ...

View them as HUNGRY STUDENTS waiting to hear the GEMS you will share with them! When the dope, focused teacher arrives, so will the students. 

5. You Miss 100% of The Shots You Don't Take

Wayne, YOU THE MAN FOR THIS ONE. I do not know this guy personally, nor can I vouch for him, but this quote will forever live to motivate anyone trying to become better versions of themselves. 

The raw truth in this saying is we MUST try that something that won't leave us alone, that thought that keeps on coming back, that dream that clings to us ... we must explore it before we can assess if it is for us or not. 

6. Create A Success Mantra

Speak greatness and gratitude into your journey and into yourself!

I have managed to get over a lot of sadness and loneliness by speaking positive words of encouragement, love and power into my soul. Creating this type of beauty in my life inspired me to continue to keep going, keep going, keep grinding, keep loving on myself and enduring the process ... until I created a gem that I could share with the world!

I never know where the struggle toward success leads me, but I am always focused when I create a success mantra.  

7. Be The Success Story You Always Wanted to Tell


Trust me, you are so worth it!