Insecure Episode 5, Sn. 1: Shady as F [Dishing Tea Recap]

Spoiler Alert: Yes, I will be recapping parts of episode 5 in this post, so STOP here and catch up on your Insecure episodes and then meet me back here, to get your life! Unlike most show recaps, my Dishing Tea Recaps are meant to inspire you in life and business! If you are on the brink of becoming a royal eff-up, no worries, hopefully I can provide some damage control for you!

Speedy Reap: In Episode 5, Sn. 1: Issa's Broken Pu**y performance is leaked on the internet and her kids catch wind of it. Without the slightest idea of how to get it ghosted, she turns to Daniel to DEAD the Situation ... but that's not the only thing he KILLS in this episode.

Dishing Tea Recap: So, at this point, I hope you have taken time to actually watch this episode, because we are shamelessly diving in and giving you tips in life and business that Professor Issa schooled us on in this episode. You ready kittens? Let's get to work:

1. The Internet is a Gift & A Curse ...  Just Don't Be that Girl! 

Your cred is everything! Once personal or NSFW content is shared on the internet about you, or things that YOU actually post, it's public domain boo, everyone 'gone see it. In the case of Issa, somethings that are shared on the internet are totally out of our control ... so stay on your Ps & Qs girl, don't let someone's 9 billion followers see you slipping. Don't undermine your intelligence with one moment of stupidity. 

2. Don't RUSH What's NOT Meant to Be

Our girl Molly wants to be booed up ... BADLY. Her ideals of what she wants out of a man, and what her college friends believe her man should be like, has got her mind and spirit all out of whack. I am NO relationship expert, but this a PERFECT analogy about pursuing dreams and opportunities that are just not meant for us. If your families are anything like mine, they have this IDEA of who they want you to be and how you should accomplish those dreams. Sadly, when you grab the reigns of those dreams that DON'T BELONG TO YOU, or just don't fit your divine purpose ... baby girl, you will get knocked off that horse each time. SLOW DOWN, do not rush what's not meant to be. Focus on pursuing what you are passionate and hungry for!

3. Go Get All Your Tools Together ... and GET ON YOUR MECHANIC

Facing a problem? Put on those big girl panties and FIX IT! If you are in a situation that allows you to repair the ish that went completely wrong, plan a strategic solution that saves face and your rep. Seeking out Daniel's help could either help Issa get her ish together or open a whole new can of worms this chick just can't handle ... but I will let YOU be the judge of this.

4. Keep More "NAW Homie" Homies In Your Circle

If you suck, but all your homies tell you you're dope ... that's a problem. Don't be the monotonous rapper in the studio with faded friends that don't add any VALUE to your friendship. Keep your circle tight by keeping honest, genuine people in your vicinity that truly want the best for your personal and career growth. 

5. What Goes Up ... 

We all know this age old saying ... but Molly and Issa are besties for a reason. Late night studio session with an ex you may or may not still love ... or showing up to a dude's spot you just friend zoned (DRUNK), yeah ... you know the rest. Adulthood means that we must grow BY NOT IGNORING the lessons we've learned from the past. With each shortcoming we experience, there is a unique lesson meant for us. Do not ignore the lessons of the universe.

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