How to Successfully Rebrand Your Business

How to Successfully Rebrand Your Business

Welcome to our new home! How are you liking the new digs?

Well, all week long I've been focusing on making you and me comfy in our new spot! But, before we take the grand tour, let's talk about how to rebrand your biz (or blog) without losing all of your followers. BUT, let me clarify one thing before I dish out the goods:

The whole purpose of rebranding is to enhance your readers' experience, while also bringing in new readers to build and grow with. In the process, you will most certainly lose a handful of folks who no longer relate to the new content you will create. So, if they leave, be grateful ... this is more space for the R I G H T folks to build, engage and grow with you for the right reasons. Ok, now let's dig into the tips!

1. Share The Journey with Your Community

One of my major concerns while rebranding was my online tribe! Let's be real, rebranding online can be a sticky situation, especially if you are changing names, niches or even creating brand new platforms, your followers can get lost in the sauce ... and we just don't want that to happen. To combat any confusion and losing the people that really wanted to stick around, I made sure to share everything (and I mean everything) with my community! 

For instance, I took to social media and pinned important information to my Facebook and Twitter accounts, letting them know my brand was under construction. Let your community follow you on your journey, by making them feel apart of your transition. The whole point of creating an online community of kick ass followers is to build and grow with them, and this my friend is the perfect opportunity to do so.

2. Update Social Handles & Profile Information (In Advance)  

Social media moves quick, so we must do the same when rebranding! I gave myself less than 2 weeks to make this all happen. No, it wasn't easy, but it was a must to put in the work before the New Year arrived. Just like tip one, I made sure to inform my community and let them know I was changing my social handles and I also sent out emails letting the know where they could find me online. If you decide to leave this at the last minute, you risk unnecessary confusion when you start releasing new content. If you are wondering which things on your social channels you should be changing, be sure to grab your free checklist below.

3. Edit Mailing List Contact Information

This is a quick fix, but we often forget to update our contact information on MailChimp (or your other mailing list platforms). In order to streamline everything via email for your subbies, take some time to edit the business name, address and any other contact information you have provided (if applicable). 

4. Recreate Visual Brand Guidelines

Before deciding to revamp my brand, I begun implementing a brand new visual guideline to create a clean and youthful brand. Even though rebranding involves more than just your visual design, it also depends on your brand tone, target audience and the platforms where you will be delivering this information. B U T brand guidelines are also a great way to give yourself guardrails when you are constantly building graphics for your site. 

For instance, on my brand guidelines reminder sheet, I made sure to include the exact hex color codes for the light pink and light grey colors I decided to use for my brand imagery. Along with the specific hex codes, I also made a note to include the types of fonts I use and how I use those fonts. If you can also notice on my one sheeter, I also included the design elements and image sizing for my blog posts. One of the ways I stand out online is by being consistent with my visuals and how I present myself online. In order to prime your business for success, you want to make sure you are following the brand guidelines you put into place.

Brand Guidelines (1).jpg

5. Submit IRS Forms to Change Business Name

Ok, let's get down to a little business! If you have registered your business as an Sole Proprietorship or LLC (Limited Liability Company) and you plan on changing your business name and address, it is so important to let the IRS know. So that you can focus on rebuilding your community and restructuring the content you plan to create, I have included those important forms below (you can totally thank me later). In order for us to win, we have to stick together:

Form 8822: Change of Address

Form 8822-B: Change of Address or Responsible Party-Business

6. Don't Forget to Share Your Relaunch

After putting in all of that work, now it's time to share it with your online community! In order to get my community hype about all of the new improvements happening with my new brand, I set my launch date on New Year's day! Setting a launch date forced me to stay on top of all of my checklist items, blog posts and scheduled social content. But on the other hand, my launch date gave my readers something to look forward to in the next few days before I launched Chakayla J. Taylor (online)! 

Instead of stressing about the launch of your new, revised brand ... use it as inspiration to keep yourself motivated to get the work done before you celebrate the launch of your new biz!

Will you be relaunching a new business this year?

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