How to Make Money on Social Media

How to Make Money on Social Media

In 2015, there was tons of chatter on how to build your online biz through social media, along with making your own dough. To be honest, I knew it existed and I knew it could happen, but I was completely lost on how to integrate this social media sales thing into my brand. 

Magically, after one random day on Pinterest, I came across this awesome (and free) course that gave me a 5-day crash course on how to make my Pinterest account a marketing tool to gain profitable leads, with paying clients. Fast forward, about two months later, after emailing each other back and forth, Summer, the mastermind behind this Pinterest course, and I have joined forces and we both have created social media challenges to get your Pinterest + Instagram accounts into tip-top shape so that you can begin making money of your own. But, before I get into the amazing things Summer and I have in store for you, I have 5 free tips on how you can begin priming your social media accounts for insane success. 

Before you begin making money, it is important for you to understand that your account must represent who YOU are and you must deliver high-quality content that aligns with the mission and message of your brand. Just think about it, anyone can sell just about anything on the internet. But, that does not make them an expert in their field. If you are sleezy, ungenuine or perpetrating to be something you are not, your audience will catch on and call you out on it. So, let's get into those 5 tips that will help you start off the correct way into making your own money on social media:

1. Produce Content that Speaks to Your Audience

Social media is all about the content, girls! This is a given, right? But we all need a reminder every now and then. Your online platforms are where you can chop it up and build with your online communities, but you must think of content that will get them to engage with you. 

No matter if you are a finance blogger, social media coach or creative entrepreneur that teaches folks how to create profitable DIY blogs, your social media content should zero in on how your content can inform, educate or inspire your community. Two (of my many favorite) Instagram accounts that hit-the-nail-on the head with producing content that speaks to their audiences are Melyssa of The Nectar Collective  and Amber of Damask Love. If you can tell from the first few pieces of content Melyssa and Amber have, they both have a striking balance between their lifestyle + promotional content. 


Cool, right? Finding this balance will become easier when you begin to understand which types of content make your audience tick. Pause here really quickly, take a look at a few of your Instagram, Twitter or Facebook content and take notes on the types of content your online communities respond to most. Once you do that, re-evaluate your posting strategy for next week. 

2. Know Your Target

Let me ask you this, who does your brand serve? 

Okay, I'm not sure how you answered this question, but I am hopeful that you are fully aware of the audience you want to reach. Now, I want you to think of at least 5 types of content that you can begin sharing across your social media channels that is tailor fit for this audience. After you've done that, think about how that piece of content will make your audience feel. 

Okay, I am playing the role of Social Media Dr. Phil, but I want you to start understanding who your target is and how they behave. Doing this will allow you to share content that is JUST RIGHT. Okay, let's try our hand at this exercise by thinking about a social media coach's target audience, if she primarily works with online female entrepreneurs who also coach others biz owners:

Example Below:

Social Media Coach (Target: Online Female Entrepreneurs Who Also Coach) 

5 Types of Content to Share Online

  • Inspirational Quote
  • Video Tip of the Day
  • Behind the Scenes Photo
  • Helpful Social Media How-To
  • Motivational Q&A Post

Feelings the Content will Produce

  • Online community could potential feel that I care about their own online success and not just my own.
  • Tribe members could feel a sense of pride that I am sharing my tips for online success.

Easy, right? I want to encourage you to do this once a week or once a month, so you can begin building a solid social media posting strategy. 

3. Your Bio Links Are Magical (+Powerful)

Start using your social media links, like a boss! Instead of only focusing on sending audiences to your other social media properties or only new blog posts on your website, share freebies, webinars, courses or ebooks with your audiences through those links, as well. 

In my free challenge, #TheInstaPrintChallenge, I have a free tip/freebie dedicated to teaching you how to use your Instagram bio to sell + market paid (and also free) products/services. This Instagram practice will most definitely inspire you to treat your other social media links the same way. So no worries, I got your back on this one.

4. Network

Social media was made for networking! Yet again, we need a reminder every now and then. Trust me, I get stuck in my little world sometimes, but it is so important to initiate and participate in conversations happening on Twitter, Instagram and even Facebook. For instance, I spend about 20% of my day sharing promotional content tied to my brand and the other 80% I spend chatting with other girl bosses, sharing their content and providing useful tips for online biz owners. Networking is meant to help you not only to expand your online reach, but it is also meant for you to reciprocate and share the works of your girl boss tribe with your reader community. 

5. Master the Social Media Sales Method

Were you thinking of mula while reading this post? Well, that's one of the many pleasures of becoming an online biz owner. Gaining profitable leads and loyal customers all begins with how you portray yourself online. We've totally covered this in the beginning of this post, but I have two surprises for you!

On Saturday, January 16 Summer and I will be hosting 2 free Social Media Growth + Profit Challenges!

Summer is definitely the Pin Whisperer, yes I said it because it is more than true! After taking her Pinterest Power course, I knew that she was the truth. And with her 14-day #PinProfitChallenge, she will be teaching you how to STOP losing money and how to start finding ideal clients, build your online community and how to get to the money. She will not only be sharing these gems on Pinterest, of course, but each day on Instagram she will be giving you free tips and freebies! If you are ready to become successful on Pinterest (count how many times I've said Pinterest), Summer will be giving you the correct strategies and blueprints for success! 

After many conversations with her on the phone, online and via email, I know for a fact that Summer has something amazing in store for you! Register below to get all of the goods and freebies Summer will be dishing.

All while you are learning how to slay your Pinterest account, I will be teaching you coveted tips on how to increase your Instagram traffic + following, and how to turn that traffic into loyal tribe members and customers! There will be no secrets here, I will be giving away tips on how to create insanely valuable content and the flawless sales methods I use to get folks to engage and purchase from me. Each day on Instagram (+Twitter), I will not only be giving you free tips, but if you are officially registered  you will also receive freebies that will further teach you how to slay your Instagram account and how to make the engagement, increased followers and sales happening. 

2016 is your year for insane online success! 

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