8 Tips to Improve Your Facebook Page

8 Tips to Improve Your Facebook Page

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In the training video below we will be covering which areas on your Facebook page you should be paying special attention to. From your profile image to your About section, each piece we talk about in this training video are super important for your online brand. Not only will this Facebook Business Page serve as a resource hub for your brand, BUT it should also be a reflection of who you are as a business owner. Ok, let's dive in!

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1. Profile Image

What better way to welcome your followers to your Facebook Business Page, than will a clear, crisp image of you smiling bright? I really cannot think of another way, unless it involves a 3D strawberry frosted donut your followers can grab right off of the screen (hehe). 

Your profile image should be a clear image that is at least 180 px X 180s px. Now, this is your chance to connect with your followers by showing off your personality by smiling, using accessories to show off who you are and what you do or even snapping a photo of yourself behind a bright background. This is your time to shine!

2. Cover Photo

Your cover photo should be something related to your brand. Since I'm in the business of teaching female entrepreneurs, I wanted my cover photo to include my logo and a fun background. On top of your profile image, this is another chance to connect with your followers by directing them to your website. 

For instance, when you click on my cover photo, there is a direct link to my website. You want to make sure your link shows up in various places on your business page (i.e. Coverphoto, About Section and the left side panel of your business page). 

3. About Section

Like any About section, this is your place to share a bit about who you are and what you do. Facebook can be a place of great mystery, but when folks come across your page you want to make sure you are being clear and direct. When you get ready to fill out this section, keep your ideal audience in mind or the type of folks you want to be reading this content about you and your brand. 

4. Facebook App Links

Apps are a great way to connect to other social platforms, blog posts, webinars, social media channels or even reader surveys. Use these apps as an opportunity to share with followers what other channels they can connect with you on. Yes, it's great if your Facebook followers make themselves comfortable on your page, but you also want to encourage them to either go to your website or opt-in to your newsletter. STRATEGY is the name of the game here! 

5. Pinned Facebook Content

Introduce your audiences to your Facebook page by pinning content that you want to introduce them to first. One best practice to Facebook pinning is to share relevant blog posts that introduce followers to who you are, podcasts that are helpful, other articles you've shared from other pages or even an introduction on who you are and what you love. Remember, your Facebook Business Page should be a welcome mat!

6. Promotional Content vs. Lifestyle Content

Seriously, who wants to see content that is only about your blog? Not me, I try to ensure that my community has an equal balance of things that inspire/motivate me and content directly from my blog. Striking a balance between promotional content and lifestyle content will make you more relatable and human!

7. Video Content

Video content is one of most engaging forms of content on social media. Videos allow your audiences to see how you really are through your body language, quirks and tone of voice. If you follow me on Instagram, then you can see how I make use of my video content. I love sharing bits of inspiration and sharing actionable tips about social media.

8. Sharing Content From Other Channels

Don't be a Facebook hog! Share content from other channels. Not only is this a great way to share video content, visuals or quotes that inspire you, but you can also expand the reach of your business page to audiences who may not have know who you were before then. 


How will you be using Facebook to build your brand this year?


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