How to Rebuild Your Life After A Huge Move!

How to Rebuild Your Life After A Huge Move!

Never in a million years did I believe I would be a regional nomad, or someone who moves from state to state due to life's circumstances. For the past eleven years of my life, I have spent my time in North Carolina after losing my mother unexpectedly in 2005. As devastating as that was, at that point I never thought moving out of New Jersey to North Carolina would even be an option. Through that resistance, I wanted to be somewhere where I truly belonged. I wanted to be somewhere where I could be emotionally connected, rooted and insanely happy. Sadly, as many of the amazing friends and bonds I've created there, I still never felt like I was meant to be in North Carolina. 

One of the best things my mother taught me as a young girl would be, if you don't like the picture you see, create a new beautiful canvas. So, in October 2015 I took a step out on faith and decided to pack a UHAUL and take my family from North Carolina, 17 hours away to Dallas, Texas ... it was one of the longest drives,  we smelled, ate stomach-turning fast food and played the same songs on replay 1,000 times, but it was worth the life we are creating here in Dallas. As I sit out in my backyard with the sun shining on my face, I am so blessed for the life I was able to obtain after moving from North Carolina. To date, this move was the first move that was ever my own decision to make. Moving to Texas was a milestone in my life that encouraged me to take more risks in my life. And if at this moment you are currently feeling unfulfilled and you are thinking of moving or you have a huge move on the horizon, I have a few great tips on how you can rebuild your life (and or business) after a pivotal move in your life. 

1. Research Local/Regional Hashtags ...

To build connections with other folks (bloggers/biz owners/other social folks) who are in your area. This will help keep you connected with the happenings unfolding in your new location. When I first moved to Dallas, I wanted to network with the amazing small business owners and content creators who went to all of the amazing events. Since October, I've had the pleasure of volunteering and attending local bloggers workshops, meet and greet events and brainstorm sessions ... all by finding hashtags on Instagram and taking those relationships from online to the offline space. 

2. Think About How Your Move May Impact Your Business

I love using my life as a blueprint for the content I create here! So, why not incorporate the purpose of your move into your work?

Moving to Dallas has been a dream of mine for over a year and when it finally happened I was absolutely shocked and elated! With that energy, it inspired me to rev-up my content and share resourceful information that could inspire my community members to create a life they've always wanted. 

Taking a risk and starting a new life inspired me to encourage others to take risks they could be proud of! Moving will be a scary, exhilarating and down right exhausting experience, but once you get over those feelings, you will be able to focus on how you can use your new area code as inspiration to fuel the content you create and share. 

3. Go Out and Explore

Rebuilding your life includes you actively taking time to explore the hidden gems of your new location. Whether you are attending local events, eating at new restaurants or attending festivals, take some time and get acquainted with your new home! Oh yes, make your trips worthwhile by carrying along some of your business cards, because you never know who you are going to meet.

4. Create Your Own Tribe

Make your new home really feel like a HOME by creating your very own tribe! Having a group of supportive folks that respect you and let you know all the cool happenings around town, these are the people you should continue to build with. Forging relationships with folks who are from the area will help you create your own cool perspective of your new home. 

After spending nearly six months in Dallas, I am finally begin to pull together a tribe of women I absolutely admire! Take a step out on faith and begin making connections that matter most. 


5. Host Your Own Event

When you finally get acclimated to the area, why not throw a brunch or workshop (shoot, a small get together would do too)? Expand your network by getting a group of you all together to exchange ideas, provide friendship, create resources and conversations that matter! There is nothing like having a group of people that you can build and network with!

So, how will you begin preparing for your big move?

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