4 Reasons Why I Didn't Turn on My Instagram Notifications

4 Reasons Why I Didn't Turn on My Instagram Notifications

So, we are nearly two whole weeks into the Instagram-apocalypse, and I am happy to report, I survived!

If you've been hiding under a rock for the past few weeks, Instagram has switched up how we view content on our newsfeeds. Instead of populating content chronically, Instagram has begin curating content according to your personal interests. So my friend, if you like and comment on tons of fashion, tech or scientific content, then those will be the types of content you will be served daily.  

To be completely honest, I am on Instagram everyday (I mean HELLO) and I haven't seen a major shift in my Instagram feed. But, whose to say the new algorithm has taken full effect? But, before we get into Instagram conspiracies, let's get into a few reasons why I didn't turn on my post notifications and how much my Instagram has grown in the past two weeks. 

Before I dish out the anti-notification goods, let's talk about the growth of my Instagram last week. Despite the so-called algorithm change, I have managed to keep my Instagram follower list healthy. Yes, healthy ... I am gaining more followers than I am losing followers, and the quality of my new followers have definitely improved once I started to consistently implement the goods I will share with you shortly.

Moral of the story here, focus on how you can continue to build and grow your audience, instead of obsessing over Instagram changes you simply cannot control. So, you ready to slay on IG?

1. Still Refusing to Use Hashtags?

Well, my friend ... then you are correct, your content will not be seen on Instagram. It's time I've given you some tough love here. My obsession with Instagram is rooted in the fact that I love pretty visuals, but over the past six months that love has heightened because I love teaching you new tips and tricks I learn along the way. 

So, if you are not using hashtags you are preventing yourself from gaining the following:

-Quality followers

-Quality engagement

-Increased traffic to your account and websites

-C O M M U N I T Y

-Potential sales + increased sign-ups to your newsletters/events

Yup, I said it ... you will be losing out. 

If you haven't gotten around to creating a list of relevant and effective hashtags to grow your Insta, join my free Beautiful Brand Resource Library and download my free list of 83 Hashtags Every Female Entrepreneur Should be Using! Not only is it a great resource to help you build a quality following of folks that matter to your brand, but did I mention that it was also free?

2. Engagement is Key.

Hashtags are fabulous little links of joy, but if you are not working to like, comment and engage with other folks that use those hashtags ... growing your Instagram will be a bit difficult. Whenever I have downtime, I always make sure that all comments are responded to, I am liking content from folks who have liked my content and that I am leaving genuine comments to build with other bloggers and business owners. 

This is one piece of engagement that we often miss out on as busy content creators and brand owners, but it is time that we started to reinvest in our communities by staying actively engaged. 

3. Networking Still Matters! 

As a fairly new business owner, I am finally taking the time to utilize networking as a way to successfully expand my business. Instagram is more than just an online tool to increase my traffic and click-through rates, it is an effective tool that helps me take my resources from the online space into the offline space. 

Fortunately, my Instagram has afforded me the opportunity to network and meet with some amazing local bloggers at events hosted in the Dallas area. And today, I want to encourage you to find regional/local hashtags and accounts that will help you build bonds with folks who may frequent and engage with your content on Instagram, these may also be folks that you can build lasting bonds with in real life.

4. Consistency Equates to Success!

If you are not consistently showing up and showing out on Instagram ... that is a big problem! In order to remain in the newsfeeds of the communities you want to be apart, it is important to establish a weekly strategy when you post content, engage with other accounts and hashtag surf to see the other types of accounts and content that exist. We must remember, we are not the only voices and authorities that exist on Instagram, so instead of competing, create thriving communities! 

See, I told you ... surviving the Instagram-apocalypse is not difficult.  How will you implement these strategies into your current Instagram strategy?



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