How to Create Captivating Social Media Copy

How to Create Captivating Social Media Copy

After a routine call with one of my coaching clients, she shared the most gut-punching thing with me, "Chakayla, why don't you share your magic about how you create copy for every image you post?"

If you are unfamiliar with me on Instagram, I am known for taking the most unassuming or mismatched images and creating copy that inspires folks to sign-up for events, content that provides advice to other bloggers and entrepreneurs or content that simply shares a piece of my day. Whether I am sharing a post about why life is as sweet as a chunk of pan dulce (Mexican Sweet Bread) or whether I'm posting an image of my shoes and sharing the importance of walking in your purpose, I use Instagram as a platform to inspire, educate and empower. BEFORE you start jotting down notes, write this one line down: My social media channels will serve my audience according to my personal brand. I refuse to mimic what other bloggers and business owners are doing. 

Now that we have made that clear, let's begin our lesson! 

5 Steps to Creating BOMB Social Media Copy

1. THINK: What do you want to convey to your audience? 

AKA: What is the BIG Idea?

Let's think through how you are currently branding yourself OR how you WANT to brand yourself. For instance, I have branded myself as a social media expert who provides bits of inspiration and advice for female bloggers and entrepreneurs. Okay, write down in your notebook what the BIG IDEA is for your social media accounts ... 

Let's PAUSE:

Disclaimer: Creating a bomb Instagram (or social media presence), takes a lot of work and a lot of thought. So, please feel free to use this post to help you build a winning strategy that is most effective for your personal brand. Let's continue.

2. ACTION: What type of action do you want to inspire to your audience? 

Now that you have a working understanding of YOUR big idea, think of the action that you want to inspire from this post by completing the sentence below:

"I want this post to _______________ my audience."

You may want to educate, inspire or even inform your audience. When building a purposeful social space, we must always keep in mind how we want our tribe members to engage with this content. Yes gaining likes and a few comments is great and all, but you want to leave them with some sort of insight. Yeah yeah, don't exit out of this just yet ... I'm not letting you off that easily. 

YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE A COACH OR CONSULTANT to create a bomb social space with a purpose. For all of the folks out there who want to monetize their brand, you MUST think of your community first. Take time to build a space where they can be motivated and inspired by you. 

Okay, let's recap on what you have so far:

  1. Your Big Idea: "I want PROVIDE ________ to my audience."
  2. The action you want to inspire: "I want this post to _________ my audience."

We have these ideas and sentiments locked down, now its time for the pièce de résistance, the image/graphic/visual you want to share:

3.Quickly Study Your Image + Find Commonalities Between Your Big Idea + The Action You Want to Inspire


Now that you have your image, jot down a few commonalities the image has to your topic and sentiment. Trust me, a good image/visual/graphic will always have some sort of common theme you can use to create bomb content. To be honest, I've always loved the power of words, but the copy activity below will help you begin to think on a larger scale when creating actionable copy:

I want to provide INSPIRATION to my audience.

I want this post to ENCOURAGE my audience.


  • Peace
  • Treat yourself
  • Personal Time



Now that your commonalities of your image and your messaging are in place, let's create that copy! YOU CAN DO IT!

*Remember, try not to take your image messaging too literal (i.e. "I love my Trader Joe's flowers."). Color outside of the lines a bit.

4. Let's Pack A Punch With Your Copy

"The simple pleasures in life have really inspired the way I work on my business. In order to be the best boss, you should take some time to:

  1. Treat Yourself.
  2. Take a Mental Break.
  3. Journal Without Interruption.
  4. Have Coffee with Friends.
  5. SLEEP."

Did this copy scare you? Well, it shouldn't ... Let me help you break it down one last time:

  • Keep your audience in mind
  • Always remember the type of resources you want to provide them (are you a coach, DIY-er, fashion blogger?)
  • Think about the action or sentiment you want to provide (inspire, educate, inform?)
  • Study your visual ... what are the common themes in that image that correlate with your sentiment?
  • Reflect on things that have inspired you or have made you smarter 

Now, it's your turn to slay YOU social media copy! You ready?

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