How to Create A Stellar Online Resource

How to Create A Stellar Online Resource

When creating brand exposure for your business, it is absolutely important to educate and inspire your tribe members. As business owners, taking time to invest in the knowledge of our audience is extremely useful when building our own expertise and brand authority! 

One of the most efficient and most effective ways to make that happen is by creating an extremely useful, evergreen resource! A resource is small piece of cloth of a larger quilt you will thread as an online business owner. Nothing says you care more than sharing a stellar resource that can inspire someone in your circle to create a new business of their own, start a new blog or start their own side hustle. 

After roaming Pinterest one weekend, after moving to Dallas, I read so many helpful resources that helped inspire me to create my first few side hustles. And I could not be more thankful to those amazing ladies that helped me make it happen. Now, if you are ready to possibly make that impact in someone else's life let's get rolling on how you can make it happen:

1. Create A Template

Think of the tools and resources you use to either automate or organize your business. With that in mind, create a mock up or a template that folks can continue to use over and over again to automate or organize their businesses. Sharing insider secrets to success is how you will propel your brand, as well. Be open, genuine and make this template easily accessible for your tribe to use over and over again. 

2. Create A FREE Resource Library 

Whenever you host a webinar or create slides for a presentation (or even when you write posts with content upgrades), increase your emailing list by exchanging your resource library content for an email addy. See, there are effective and easy ways to get folks to sign-up for your useful, non-annoying and non-spammy email updates/newsletters. Check out my free resource library, here

3. Provide Step-by-Step Instructions + How-Tos

Create a simple PDF that gives someone the low-down on something they may find difficult to understand or master. Some of my how-to posts that I found on Pinterest were all about social media, website coding and blog post content ideas and advice. Think of something you are uber passionate about or something you would love to share with your tribe.

4. Create A Useful + Easy Challenge

Spill your success secrets! Yup, I said it. Stop being so stingy and share what's helped you along the way in your business. Before you click out of this window, I am not telling you to give away industry secrets or top-secret, confidential tips and advice ... but, I AM encouraging you to share insights with your tribe that can open their through processes when building their own brands, lifestyles or careers. Trust me, your tribe will forever love you for this.

5. Pinterest is Your Bestie

My easy step-by-step resource-sharing formula: write a post + create a Pin graphic + share away!

Yes, I know this isn't a specific way to create an online resource, but it's extremely important in getting more eyeballs onto the resources you create. SHARE, SHARE, SHARE! 

6. Use Social Media to Provide Free Daily Tips, Inspiration + Advice

You don't have to be a coach, consultant or a self-proclaimed guru to provide daily tips to your tribe! The most important things to keep in mind when sharing tips are:

1. Think about what you are passionate about.

2. Make sure tips align with your expertise.

3. Be genuine and insightful. 

4. Be real!

Are you ready to create your first resource?

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