4 Reasons Why Personal Branding is Essential For Your Brand!

4 Reasons Why Personal Branding is Essential For Your Brand!

B R A N D I N G can be a bit overwhelming when creating a solid online brand. In order to create the brand that you envision, you must figure out which parts of yourself you are willing to be open and honest about with your audience. So that personal branding becomes an everyday routine for you, below I am breaking down how I've recreated the meaning of personal branding, as it relates to my online brand. 

WARNING: I am not a personal branding guru. I cannot wave my magic wand and help you create a unicorn brand that helps you gain traction after reading this post. This post was created to help you begin the process of creating amazing content, genuine connections with your online tribe and carving out your own unique path for your online brand. Now that we got that out of the way ... let's chat personal branding success! 

1. Use Your Personal Testimony As YOUR Marketing Blueprint

Your testimony, or your reason for building your brand, is your marketing blueprint. Sharing who you are with your tribe members, is essential. Since many of the online interactions you will have will happen behind a screen, it is imperative that you are as genuine and as sincere as possible. This may seem like a huge responsibility, but there are few effective ways that I make it a consistent activity when monitoring my business and social media channels:

  • I'm a little sappy, so I like to share my epiphanies and life experiences on Twitter.

I can hear my mother saying to me, "Chakayla, share your story." When I wake up every morning, I hit Twitter with whatever is on my heart and mind. It is during these moments I can share any trials, tribulations or insights I have experienced throughout the week or month. I use these moments to not only share my story, BUT to use my story as an inspirational platform for my tribe members. 

Think of a coincidence in your life that may have caused you to second guess something. Better yet, think of a lesson your parent or close friend has taught you throughout the years and think through how that lesson has impacted your life. Before you take to Twitter (or any social media outlet), there are two things I want to encourage you to keep in mind:

-Share a piece of your life that you are 100% comfortable with sharing. 

-Think through how your personal experience will inspire, educate or enlighten your tribe members.

By no means am I telling you to share your deepest, darkest secrets. But I am encouraging you to share an emotional piece of yourself that will allow folks to see how you've turned your vulnerabilities into positive opportunities. 

  • I like to talk, so my video content is just as essential as the written content I produce.
                   Courtesy of  @quirkybrownlove  (via Instastories)

                   Courtesy of @quirkybrownlove (via Instastories)

Video content is a BOMB mode of communication when building your personal branding strategy. When your tribe members get to see you in action, they feel closer to you ... thus more inclined to engage more. I love when I see my favorite bloggers and social media entrepreneurs on video, because I get to see their body language, quirks and personality! This is exactly what YOUR tribe members want to see from you! Sharing my vulnerabilities and my personality are ways that I win the hearts of YOU ALL (hehe). But in all seriousness, as important as it is to expand your brand online ... it is more important you remain true to who you are. So, get on that camera girl and show us what you got!

  • Ok, here is a secret tip of mine ... use it wisely!

Let's face it, perfection is just sickening, seriously! Why should I struggle to be someone or something I'm not? Think about it, we will all face some type of obstacle during our journey toward entrepreneurship or becoming a successful blogger, so ... why not share them with a group of trusted folks in a Facebook group? No, these folks may not be your target audience, but you never know how the gems you share will help them become better biz owners or bloggers!

Ok, now, let's take a mini break. Now that I have shared a couple ways that I use my personal testimony as a marketing blueprint for my brand, let's get into a few more ways that I implement personal branding.

2. Create Resources That Attest to Your Journey

Time and time again, I always mention my free Beautiful Brand Resource Library because it is a dope, effective way to not only build my emailing list ... but also, it's an amazing way to share the processes and resources that have inspired and molded my journey! Many of the resources featured in my free library are tools that I use often to keep my business afloat. 

One of my favorite sayings I live by is, "each one, teach one." Simply put, whatever I learn, my tribe learns! Personal branding should include efforts to not only grow your channels/networks but to also be selling your expertise! Before you even add a price tag to a product or service, your personal brand must be on point by establishing your knowledge base about what you are skillful in. If you are curious on some of the resources you can provide to your tribe, take a look at my quick list below:

  • Guides 
  • Email Template
  • Organization Templates (i.e. Excel Lists, Budget Lists)
  • Client Pitch Templates
  • Lists of Your Favorite Blog/Business Tools
  • Worksheets
  • Webinar Transcripts
  • Webinar Replays
  • Periscope Replays
  • Cheatsheets
  • Content Upgrades 
  • Exclusive Ebooks
  • Video Lessons

3. Create An Effective Social Media Strategy That Outlines Who YOU Are

The only person I truly know how to be, is myself! So, I try my hardest to create BOMB content that speaks to who I am. I call it the "homegirl experience." The reason why I share my personal obstacles and triumphs is because it allows me to be more relateable to my tribe. I do not feel the need to use glitzy language or conceal my accent, because I refuse to transform into someone I cannot relate to. With that being said, there are three specific things I keep in mind when creating EFFECTIVE social media content that speaks to who I am, as a business owner:

  • Captivating Photos (that are personal and often times shot in the moment)
  • Engaging Copy (that speaks to my experience, personal triumphs and obstacles)
  • An Inspiring Message (you never know how someone is feeling or what they are currently experiencing) 

4. Your Emailing List is Personal Branding Goldmine

You read right! No matter if you have 10 or 10,000 emailing list subbies, these folks have shared their email with you because they want to get to know more about Y O U! Whether you caught their attention because of a free content upgrade or a great post they saw on social media, they wanted to get to know you better! 

Think of your emailing list as an exclusive portal where you can share content that O N L Y your mailing list can see! Whether you decide to write mini-blog posts, reviews or share secret info that the rest of your online tribe won't find out about until weeks after; this is a fantastic way to bond and connect with these folks. Think exclusivity, bomb content and a secret portal to share your most awesome secrets. 

How will you put these personal branding tips to work?

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