22 Effective Ways To Build Your Online + Offline Clientele

22 Effective Ways To Build Your Online + Offline Clientele

Building an online brand takes a lot of time, patience and passion. To be completely transparent, I have gained clientele purely through my efforts here (on the blog) and through my social media accounts! When I first started my social media coaching and consulting venture, I had no idea that it would blossom into a business dedicated to teaching and empowering women how to slay their online brands. Through that process, I have learned tons of amazing tips that have helped me build my online clientele and presence, and TODAY I will be sharing all of those tips with you!

1. The Secret Traffic Builder: Pinterest

Share your blog posts on Pinterest to drive traffic to your blog. Sharing your expertise is essential before you can monetize. One of the most effective ways I have built traffic through my pins are by sharing them on my girlboss-oriented group boards I have joined. For that list of Pinterest Groups, take a look below:

1. Femtrepreneur Badass Business Babes (Mariah Coz)

2. Wonderlass Bloggers & Entrepreneurs (Allison Ruiz)

3. Blogging Tips & Tools (XO Sarah)

4. Social Media

5. Girlboss

6. Blog Babes Group Board

P.S. Also, take some time and join one of my favorite girlboss' epic, and very FREE, Pinterest Power course! Summer of Lady Boss League, breaks down the essential things every girlboss needs when creating a BOMB Pinterest account.  Not only has this amazing lady worked with Mariah Coz, to help build her Pinterest account, but she is the PIN GODDESS! I took her free course and it has done wonders for my business, it has even helped me gain a few clients as well!  

2. Start An Emailing List

This is one of the GOLDEN resources, every girlboss should be making use of ... yes, right at this moment. An emailing list can be used in multiple, endless ways, but the most effective ways to use them is by sharing helpful resources and advice (exclusive for your email subbies). Some of the most effective ways your favorite girlbosses are putting them to use is by:

  • Providing free content upgrades (i.e. free checklists, free templates, free advice)
  • Blog post alerts 
  • Tools and resources 
  • Freebies + Exclusive Sneak Peeks
  • Event reminders
  • Sharing webinar notes + slides 
  • Surveys

This list could go on forever! Just keep in mind, it is easy to get folks to sign up for your emailing list, but the challenge lies in keep them ON the list. Continue to think of cool ways to keep your emailing list happy and healthy. P.S. One of the ways I keep my list happy and healthy is below! 

3. Build a Free Resource Library

What's better than free resources? Free resources that have actually helped YOU become successful! Being a business owner is not easy, not one bit ... but it's totally worth it when you can automate certain portions of your business. Gone are the days of my pitching folks to join my emailing list, thanks to my Beautiful Brand Resource Library

My resource library allows me to build my emailing list with the promise of providing free resources for my audience. Within my resource archives, I have emailing courses, templates and podcasts I have created to help elevate my business. The resources you create do not have to be fancy, just extremely helpful and actionable for your audience. 

4. Become a Facebook Group Resource

Are you apart of any Facebook Groups for bloggers, businesses owners or maybe even virtual assistants? Well, you are sitting on another golden resource!

One of the ways I got my start as a business owner was by surveying the types of conversations happening within the group. By doing this, I was able to build resources and sell them for a very, very small fee (I'm talking like $2) within the monetization thread within those groups. For instance, at the time, there were tons of bloggers who were interested in becoming Amazon Affiliates and needed some assistance with building their A-Stores (aka online storefronts). So, instead of agreeing to do it for them, I decided to build a comprehensive guide that showed them how to build it themselves. P.S. I created that guide in one night! 

Another way I became a resource within my Facebook groups was by answering blogger/business owner questions about the topics I was most knowledgeable in. Some of those areas being: Mailchimp automation/pop-ups/sign-up forms; Wordpress emailing list pop-ups, emailing lists and Instagram. At the time, these were the areas a lot of my peers were trying to master and I was there providing both free and paid services to assist them. THINK of a need your peers may have and figure out genuine ways to assist them. 

DO NOT, and I repeat, DO NOT hit up your fellow FB Group members with a pitch and payment plan. Sorry, not sorry, it does not work that way. Be genuine and simply ask how you can be of some assistance to them. When you are first starting out, your very first clients will not be paying jobs. But guess what, that one client you helped will be telling their fellow girlbosses ALL about you and the services you provided them. Think about it, word-of-mouth referrals! 

5. Participate + Host Twitter Chats

Simple, Twitter chats are still alive and well! Twitter chats with other bloggers and entrepreneurs are the most amazing conversations to have. Not only will you be learning about what other folks do for their businesses or the strategies they implement, but you may be among potential clients! Get out there and search Pinterest for The Best Twitter Chats For Female Entrepreneurs

6. Share Insights With Your Fellow Girlbosses/Peers

Have you noticed the link to a fellow girlboss' Eventbrite not working or you want to give friendly advice on how to improve her social media bio? Email or direct message her! Always tread lightly when doing this. You do not want to come off rude, so I always start off my messages like: "Hey, hey girlboss, you do not know me, but I am enjoying your amazing content about your event. But I just wanted to let you know your ticket link isn't working. I do not want this to hinder your sales in any way. Have an awesome day." 

Be polite, be resourceful, help another sister out! 

7. Provide Free Insights + Advice on Social Media

So, you want to build your clientele. Well, you've got to show them what you know! In order to build your authority and expertise, you must be willing to use social media as a resource to tell your story. Who are you, what do you do, who do you do it for? These are questions that I answer through my content. No matter if you know me from Twitter or Instagram, you know that you are going to be left with some feel good advice and action items that you can begin to put to work immediately. Think of how you will make your tribe smarter, more diligent or even help them figure out how to create an organized brand. Whatever your niche is ... ROCK IT and create content that supports your vision. 

8. Your Blog/Website Must Provide A Wealth of Knowledge

Evergreen content is the best type of content to create! Content that provides a foundation for your tribe is essential for the growth of your brand. Forget the days of writing quickie posts that talk about what you are wearing or how your day has gone. Begin opening your mind up to the idea of producing content that guides your audience on ways to improve their brand by sharing case study results, content upgrades (like free checklists) at the end of your posts, or even video guided training on how to master a technique. 

Before asking folks to spend money on what you can provide, you must be able to show and tell them what you know. Many folks believe that if you share your knowledge that you will not be able to monetize. This is far from the truth. You can give someone the playbook for success, but they will not strategize and put it to action like YOU. Always keep that in mind. Everyone is different, in which our approaches to success will differ. 

9. Produce Video Content

Social media is a mystical, magical thing. But, let's keep in mind that working behind a screen isn't as personable, warm and friendly as we want it to be. One of the ways that I break through the blue-screen, is by creating short videos and sharing them across my social media channels, all except Pinterest. Your potential clients want to get to know you and see you in action. SO what better way to make it happen than a 15-20 second video of you sharing amazing tips and tricks on something amazing you have learned. 

10. Host Free Challenges

So, you want a two-for? Who doesn't love a two-for? So, hosting social media challenges won't only help build your online clientele, but it can also help you build your industry cred as well. If you love Twitter, why not host a 7-day challenge teaching your online tribe how to create retweetable content or even teach them how to build their Twitter following! 

P.S. Host a FREE challenge and then consider offering a paid product or service at the end of the challenge that will help your tribe members continue to perfect and master the skills you taught them.

11. Network Online & IRL (in real life)

Staying in your little bubble won't get you far! Taking time to actually engage with other types of content that you see on your feed is crucial to your online success and exposure to potential clients. Your clients want to see how personable and sociable you are [this can definitely happen online and offline]. One of the best quotes I have ever heard has been, closed mouths don't get fed. I am a strong believer in this! Get out there and share who you are what you do and who you do it for! 

12. Keep Your Business Cards on You AT ALL TIMES

And, if you don't have business cards ... get on that ASAP! You truly never know who you are going to meet when you leave your home. Always stay prepared and about your business. 

13. Host An Event

Since June 2016, I have been hosting events and workshops dedicated to helping female bloggers and entrepreneurs propel their online/offline businesses. Through this process, I have had a chance to meet vibrant women, hungry for success. I am always unsure the type of women my events attract, but I always meet dope women on a mission to transform their businesses. With that being said, these are women that could possibly become my clients. 

14. Be An Event Volunteer

Not ready to take the deep dive just yet? No worries! Try your hand at volunteering at a local event. This is just as effective and powerful.

15. Perfect Your Pitch ...

And share it with anyone who will listen! Traditionally known as a 15-30 second elevator pitch, this is a brief introduction of who you are and your brand. Ready to craft your pitch, get started below:

  • Who You Are: Hi, I'm Chakayla.
  • What You Do/Who You Do It For: I help female entrepreneurs build BOMB online brands, through social media marketing and email marketing.

See, simple, easy and crazy effective! 

16. Selling A Product? Share It With Family, First! 

Now, of course this all depends on the type of product you are selling. You want to make sure that if you are taking this route, that this product aligns with the interests of the family members you will be sharing it with. For instance, when I launched my first set of Bomb Tees, I took to Facebook and set up a group chat with my closest family members and shared my product. It was like an intimate pitch to soft launch my tees. A lot of folks that I talk to, never consider pitching to their families, because they believe those purchases won't validate their business. Please, let's get over this hurdle. True family members will back you and support you no matter what! 

17. Collaborate + Create A Joint Product

Have a blogger friend you want to brainstorm with and create dope products with? Email them, call them, text them ... right now! Two audiences are most certainly greater than one. Joining forces with a fellow blogger to create a joint webinar bundle, ebook, blog post or even a joint service, would be a great way to gain momentum and build your online clientele. 

18. Be Consistent

How do you expect to gain any traction if you are posting once a year on your social media channels? It is extremely crucial that you are on your channels posting, engaging and networking weekly. Come on now, don't go ghost.

19. Create An Email Course

When I first started CJT Online, last year, email courses were the JAM! Though the popularity has waned for this type of resource, I believe it is still very effective for building your emailing list and gaining clientele. When creating an email course, think of a topic you want to teach your audience and the resources you will provide them. QUALITY is KEY!

20. Find A Mentor

Invest time in a mentor. This is one of the best things I have done for my business. Just think about it, there is someone out there would is smarter than you, who has been hustling longer than you and that GETS the business. THIS is someone that you want to have in your corner. The tips and skills you will learn from them may be effective in your pursuits of building your online clientele. 

21. Get Those Social Media Bios + Headshots On Point

Your consistent social media presence is just as important as the message you share in your bio and the image you place as your avi. In order to slay, these are the things you must have in order. Potential clients literally take 5-10 seconds to think about if they are going to hire you or not. Do not scare them away with a bleak bio and grainy social media image. Invest in yourself and have professional shots taken of you and a copywriter to take a stab at your bio [ or you can kindly create your own potent bio!]

22. Get Out There And Connect!

You have read multiple forms of this in some of our tips above, which means you should take heed to it! Break out and meet fellow bloggers and entrepreneurs who are trying to positively build and expand their businesses. Through this process, you will be able to build a tight knit circle of folks you will gain advice from and trust. Through this process, you never know how you will build your clientele (i.e. referrals, close friends turned clients), so it's important to keep an open mind.


How will you use these tips for the New Year?







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