How to Master Your Entrepreneurial Craft [+ Free Podcast Series]

How to Master Your Entrepreneurial Craft [+ Free Podcast Series]

Every year, for the past 8 or 10 years, I have always told myself that "X, is going to be MY YEAR." After dedicating 3-4 months to focusing on my empty New Year Resolutions, I always felt defeated and gave in. BUT, the moment I decided to move on a whim to Dallas, 2016 has been the most amazing, beautiful, insane, self-fulling year EVER! From beginning to (almost) end, 2016 has been the year of my dreams. Instead of focusing on all of the dumb things that just didn't matter, I built goals that were founded upon building and perfecting my craft as a blogger and entrepreneur. 

While on this mission, I have been able to not only affirm my success in my purpose journal, but I have been able to meet some amazing girlbosses in the process, as well. Whenever I get the chance to meet dope women on a mission to spread positive light, while also creating BOMB brands, it is always a blessing to be in their presence. One of my personal missions that I have been heavily focused on is building my offline tribe, while creating SOLID connections with bloggers and business-owners who are just as hungry for success, as I am. While on this mission, I've decided to create a series that you could track and use for your own personal success. 

You know me, I LIVE for providing resources for you. Hate it or love it, I will forever be the plug when it comes to teaching you how to enhance your business, career and brand! So, without further or do: 

I want to introduce you to Liz, the amazing woman behind the brand Joy Macarons, based in the beautiful city of Dallas. In the heart of Oak Cliff, Liz is the JOYFUL GENIUS behind amazing macarons flavors like blueberry and cinnamon (a delicious seasonal favorite), rose and lychee, as well as the insanely delicious violet and black currant macaron. She is transforming what we think is cool and trendy about macarons! One of the most amazing things I learned from this dope girlboss during our coffee chat, is that she is completely focused on perfecting her craft by staying true to creating yummy delectables centered on her signature cookie ... le macaron!  

I'm just going to be extremely REAL here, it was such an amazing relief to hear Liz say this! With this new wave of entrepreneurship, I feel like many of my peers (including myself), spread themselves too thin. Time is most certainly of the essence, but spreading yourself in multiple directions will result in unfinished work, less than stellar content/customer experiences and unhappiness.

In order to perfect your craft it is extremely important that you zero in on 1-2 things you can build upon! 

Not only will this save you from some entrepreneurial heartache, but it will inspire you to perfect your craft by studying, researching and asking questions! Liz shares a bit about her personal process for success, the role of social media in her business and her reason for naming her macaron bakery, J O Y! 

From Home Baker to Joyful Entrepreneur

                                                                Me + The Joyful Genius, Liz!

                                                                Me + The Joyful Genius, Liz!

(Notes transcribed below)

Liz on finding out what works for her:

I started in my home kitchen baking. Trying everything from cupcakes to cakes to cookies, creating recipes, using people's recipes. I've always had the dream of owning a bakery.

Teamwork, makes the team work:

My husband really encouraged me to start selling these macarons at farmers markets. He was really instrumental in helping me. I'm not super business-oriented, he is. He would give me a list of 5 things to do.

Liz on doing O N E thing, and doing it WELL:

I just noticed that there was a need in the market. Nobody was doing macarons [exclusively]. I have really always loved the idea of a specialty shop of doing one thing and doing it super well. People are a little afraid of that, but in reality ice cream has been doing it forever, cupcakes have been doing it. We don't ever realize that we go into specialty shops all the time. I really loved that model.

Seek joy through your craft:

I didn't realize at the time, how much joy it [macarons] would actually create. For me it started as my sentiment of how I felt when I was making the cookies or when someone would eat one of the cookies ... it brought me joy!

Community over competition:

Bring it! It all just adds to the education of this cookie.

Now it's your turn! It's time to get up and create something magical!

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