Own Your Success: 7 Ways to Amplify Your Brand and Grow Your Online Presence

Own Your Success: 7 Ways to Amplify Your Brand and Grow Your Online Presence

On December 29, 2015, I launched CJT Online ... yes, this special little website we are sharing! During this time, we have spent many times together dissecting how to launch our brands, how to use social media to cultivate a tribe and the importance of bringing YOU to life, online.

To celebrate this major feat of sharing resources and for being apart of my tribe, I am sharing 7 effective ways to A M P your brand and grow your online presence! 

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Build An Irresistible Brand...

that keeps your tribe members coming back for more! One of the most important things I've learned while building my online brand is: ASPIRATION [builds] ATTRACTION. When you think of successful brands, do you ever think: Man, I wish I could do what that person does.

Come on, we all have! T H I S is the type of feeling you want to forge within your brand. 

*NOTE: Please tread lightly ... we are building dynamic brands here, not conceited, self-absorbed brands. 

Build this aspiration by inspiring, empowering, educating and/or engaging with your tribe. Along with fostering a positive relationship with your tribe, it is important to stay on top of the following:

  • Branding (i.e. taglines, color schemes, font types, brand tone/messaging?
  • Sentiment (How do you want to make folks feel when they interact with your content?)
  • Consistency (i.e. social media graphics, messaging, overall look/feel of your brand)
  • Engagement (Interact with your tribe for goodness sake.)

Attract YOUR Right Audience

Often times we see or hear: You gotta attract THE right audience. 

Though I agree with this, but in order to create an amplified brand online ... we must be specific with the TYPE of audience/tribe members we attract. The RIGHT tribe members for me, may not be the right ones for you. 

So tell me, describe your ideal tribe member. What do they like to read? What is their favorite show to stream online? What are the great things they love to learn and master? You know what, instead of you guessing, I have an awesome, free worksheet that you can snag toward the end of this post. 

consistenly Multiply Your Tribe

... by showing up and showing out! In order for your to amplify your online brand and attract your ideal tribe members, you must produce content that keeps them engaged. No matter if you are committed to educating, empowering or inspiring your tribe members, the content you create and share should be consistent with the mission of your brand. 

Make It Rain (In Resources)

Educating must come before monetizing. This is my secret for building a successful brand online! I love creating working sheets and hosting live masterclasses in my mastermind group. Resources can be anything that provides knowledge to your tribe (i.e. webinars, downloadable worksheets, podcasts, 1-on-1 sessions). Get out there and make a name for yourself by becoming a resource plug for your tribe. 

Create BOMB Social Media Copy

Attraction is key when building a social media brand! So, one of the ways you can do this is by creating amazing content that educates, inspires and motivates your tribe. I talk a lot about building bomb social media content in my new ebook, Own It: Amplify Your Influence & Build The Tribe Of Your Dreams.

build Your Exposure By Being You

There are times when I am on social media and I adore the content that I see from my favorite online bosses. Then, there are moments when I have to retreat and figure out who I AM and what I WANT to provide my tribe. One of the greatest lessons that I learned while building my online presence is that it is always endearing to be YOURSELF. I love being me and I love sharing that online. I have been able to grow my brand by simply being myself, and I encourage you to do the same. 


The moment I found myself, I wanted the world to know! I always make it an effort to share the gems I have found while on my journey of self-love and acceptance. Connecting with brands online can sometimes seem artificial, but when the element of transparency is present it feels easier to break through the screen. Take some time to journal, mediate and do more of the things you love, to help you get closer to YOU. This is a fantastic way to help you pour more of YOU into your work, to create a stellar, genuine brand.

Are You Ready to Unleash Pure Greatness With Your Online Brand?

Remember that awesome free worksheet? Snag that and MUCH MORE! 

Create the brand of your dreams, with me!

After 8 years in the blogging industry, I have learned high-level, effective methods to building my online influence and visibility. Own It: Amplify Your Influence & Build The Tribe Of Your Dreams provides you with actionable resources, tips, advice, secret tips and content ideas that will help you ... T O D A Y! Everything that you will come into contact with in the ebook can be put to use AT THAT very moment. I am about action, how about you. Topics in the book include:

How To Build An Irresistible Brand

The Law Of Online Tribe Attraction

Multiply And Grow Your Tribe-Effective Methods For Success

Make It Rain (In Resources)

5 Steps To Creating BOMB Social Media Copy

Resources + Processes To Build Your Exposure


At the end of each section, there will be exclusive worksheets to help you recap and apply the content you just learned! 

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What's Included 

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Are you ready to unleash your magic?

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