How to Create An Irresistible Brand in 2017!

How to Create An Irresistible Brand in 2017!

Before spilling the tea, I want to share this gem:

Building an irresistible brand takes a lot of work, conviction and passion! It took me about six years to realize the power in the tips I am going to share with you shortly. As always, any gem that I share with you, will take work to implement them into your current brand strategy. Just in case you were wondering: No, you do not have to use every tip that I share. I want to encourage you to keep an open mind when thinking of a strategy to get more eyes on your brand in 2017! Okay, I am ready to serve some tea! Are you ready?

1. Big Personality

Boring and social media are most certainly, mutually exclusive! When building an online brand, it is important to have a relatable, vibrant personality. If you are naturally shy, like myself, I know this will be a bit difficult in the beginning, but think about how you want your audience to interact with you. This my friend is what we call, user experience. Since I HATE saying "user" or "follower," I am going to kindly refer to this term as the "tribe experience."

When folks come in contact with me, I want them to leave with knowing two things about me and my brand:



Folks may not have any idea that I am a Certified Goal Success Life Coach, but I want my potential tribe members and clients to always feel smarter and more encouraged after visiting my social media accounts. Notice, I did not say you should become a comedian, an aspiring reality television star or a shady gossip columnist. Having [and sharing] your personality, begins with you thinking about what you want to deliver to the space and how you want your tribe to remember you. Once you do this, you will see how your level of attraction is heightened. 

REMEMBER: Creating an online brand presence is about the QUALITY of your work, not the QUANTITY of followers you gain. Followers come and go, dope content lasts forever. 

2. Branding Is Everything

Leave YOUR footprint. There is a sea full of amazing [and not-so-amazing] websites and dope social media channels. So much so, that the space is congested full of great and "so so" content. But guess what, this trend of becoming a content creator won't slow down anytime soon, so my dear, you will no longer be able to use this as an excuse. 

In order to create a BOMB presence, BRANDING is one of the many amazing things that will separate you from mediocrity. If you are curious about what's involved with creating a stellar, irresistible brand, check out my list below:

  • Create a specific tagline to grab the attention of potential clients + tribe members. For instance my new tagline is, "I help amazing women turn their ideas into irresistible success." 
  • Stand out by creating a brand surrounded around specific colors, fonts, visuals, sentiments and inspirational content that aligns with your brand.
  • CONSISTENCY! Go big or go home. My goal for 2017 is to be the resource PLUG! I want to be the lady that drops endless gems of advice to her tribe, everyday. In order for me to make this happen, I must show up and show every single day, or at least every week. Commit to your success by becoming accountable.
  • Branding involves community building! Do you have what it takes to create a community dedicated to educating, inspiring and motivating? 

3. Be A Resource

While on my quest to be the RESOURCE PLUG for 2017, I have created a slew of resources that have helped build an educated and empowered tribe of women! Learning how to become a resource simply begins with you sharing your secrets to success or even teaching your tribe a new process that has made your life easier. Don't spend too much time racking your brain for ideas. I have an idea starter list below:

  • Build a mastermind group (via Facebook Groups)
  • Build a free resource library 
  • Create free video content on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter LIVE.
  • Create blog content that teaches your tribe an essential lesson
  • Simply answer the questions your fellow tribe members and friends have in other groups and communities you are apart of.

4. Build Strong Communities

Community building is essential for the growth of your business. Your tribe will be your first clients, supporters and business marketers. When you build a loyal tribe of folks who believe in your vision and talent, you will build a strong brand based on the love from those you attract. 

With that being said, be very careful how you treat your tribe. It is NOT about selling to them, it's about educating and empowering them. Before folks will be willing to purchase from you, you must be willing to educate them and show them what you are all about. Let's get out of the business of perpetrating and actually providing knowledge to our communities. 

5. Social Media = Aspirational

Gone are the days of posting meaningless selfies and random rant videos [for some of us] on social media. Influencers and content creators are using social media to build a personal brand story that connects them to their tribe members. 

There is NO specific box your content MUST fit into, but I suggest giving folks a variety of content that helps inspire action! Check out some content of the content you can create for all of your social channels:

Be the Content Queen in 2017!


6. Clear Messaging

Define your audience and the need you want to fulfill! Plain and simple. Clear messaging will help you create stellar content that connects you to potential clients and supportive tribe members. 

Also, be CLEAR on what YOU offer as a business owner or content creator. If you are presenting yourself as a social media expert, then your content should reflect that. Think about longevity, consistency and relevancy. 

7. Sentiment

THIS my friend is what we call, THE FEELS! Brands that make their tribe members feel amazing, empowered, smart, educated or even cared about ... these brands are truly the most successful and very well-known. Trust me, level up in 2017 by being a brand owner who cares!

Are You Ready to Level Up?

Are you ready to join a tribe that is dedicated to helping you level up and learn the importance of building an irresistible brand? Join my new mastermind group, Brand It Like A Boss. Not only do I coach and celebrate the women in the group, but we are a tight community of stellar, genuine women on beautiful success joruneys. Join us, today! 

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