8 Things You ABSOLUTELY Do Not Need To Build a Successful Online Brand

8 Things You ABSOLUTELY Do Not Need To Build a Successful Online Brand

1. An Expensive Website

When I first began blogging, I was all about F R E E. To be frank, I believe this was [and still is] a smart strategy. When building a website to support a brand or business, it is essential that you become acquainted with design and user experience. Focusing on the design and navigation of your website, will help you set your website apart. Whether you decide to go the free route or invest a monthly fee, know that your website can be LUXE without having a lavish budget. 

2. Paid Subscriptions

Growing a brand takes a lot of work and support from third party companies. For instance, email marketing, content scheduling and cloud storage are just a few important resources brand owners need to manage their brands. Every free program has a paid feature, but many of the subscriptions I use let you ride out the free option for a while. If you are curious on which services give you the free-ski, check out my list below:

*P.S. These are NOT affiliate links.

3.  Large Social Media Numbers

Social media is popping, this is a fact. But when you are first starting/building/creating a new brand or business, the numbers do not matter AT ALL. The area of focus that should be on the content you will be providing your tribe. The numbers, accolades and exposure will come, ONCE you have your website/brand in tact. 

4. Paid Staff/Employees

Alright now girlboss, we know you have HUGE ambitions but it's important that you pinch your coins for as long as you can [with the exception of investing in courses, books and resources that will help build your brand.]. 

5. Sister Girl, You Don't Need to Be On Every Social App

As tempting as it is, it is not necessary to be on every social media app that exists. Yes, it sounds like a fantastic idea, but think about where YOUR audience is. What are the social channels they frequent most? Also, keep in mind ... EMAIL. It's not a social app, but it is an essential piece to keeping your brand relevant.

6. You Don't Need a 7-Figure Course (Just Yet)

Focus on building an experience that inspires, educates and empowers! This is the best start to every online brand. In order to monetize or build your brand presence, you have to establish YOU, first. Instill a bond of trust by dedicating a portion of your career to making your tribe members smarter, more confident and courageous individuals who support you, for years to come.

7. A Bunch of Blogger/Business Friends

Mentorship and friendship will most certainly develop with time. There is a big misconception that you need to have a huge team of supporters and friends to start an online brand. The more you contribute to the space, the more folks you will attract. 

8. Paid Sponsorships

Working with brands, experimenting with free product and being paid to review it, sounds amazing, right? I totally agree with you, but it most certainly takes a lot of hard work to convince brands why you are a perfect candidate for their blogger/influencer program. So instead of trying to convince others on why you are special, tell the WHOLE world through your content.                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

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