9 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Twitter

9 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Twitter

For the past seven years, I've used Twitter as a random social media site to find the latest gossip or to laugh at the latest meme ... which explains why I sucked at using it to market my expertise, passions and the resources that have helped me jump-start my brand. And to be real, I did myself a complete injustice during those beginning stages on Twitter. So, it's my turn to share how I made Twitter work for me and why I believe Twitter will be the next best thing for your online business. 

1. Great Forum for Marketing/Promoting Webinars

Twitter is a wide open space waiting for you to take a huge BITE out of it. Hmm ... maybe I still have those macaroons on my mind from last week, but seriously ... Twitter is like the Wild Wild West. There is tons of open space ready to be conquered with purposeful + resourceful content. Yes, there is a sea of people on Twitter (which is a great thing, whoever said building a community was a bad thing?) but there is a new wave on Twitter that you must catch and coast! 

Now, Twitter is well known for fueled debates on politics, the latest Grammy fashion faux-pas and the dumbest viral meme, BUT bloggers (like myself) are finally using Twitter as an online education resource. Yes, you may or may not be a stranger to this idea of converting your Twitter into a resource hub, but honey this is the best way to get the most out of your Twitter account. With that being said, why not promote and market webinars and events that you are planning within the online and offline spaces? 

When you take time to invest in your online community (aka ... sharing the secrets of what's made you successful and smarter), then your online tribe will become more receptive to the awesome things you are sharing on Twitter. I could go on and on about how amazing Twitter is for building your online exposure and growing your emailing list, but I will show you one of my favorite ways to gain the attention of my community ...

I love pinning important content to my Twitter profile! This is an awesome way to market without being annoyingly repetitive on your timeline.

2. Community Building in Real Time

Between Twitter chats, live-tweeting and random banter ... you can actively build your tribe in the moment. Yes, there are times when you can schedule your Twitter content, but I'm talking about the organic stuff you create when you are vibing and in the your most creative state. 

When you have your laptop flipped open or you're logged into your Twitter app and tweeting whatever comes to mind, you are creating content that will be seen by your community members (and the community members to come). You have no idea how you will influence and encourage your online tribes.

In order to slay at Twitter, you must understand that without community engagement, your brand will die a slow, painful death ... we are not going to let that happen. 

Take time to live tweet (tweeting without scheduling) on your feed and see the type of interactions and engagement you get. The whole purpose of Twitter is to entertain and engage with other folks. So take time to actually initiate and engage in the moment, this is the best way to build an engaged Twitter account. 

3. Crowd Sourced Content

There are times when I just don't know what to share. So, to prevent myself from sharing some ridiculous content that is not on brand with the theme of content I've been producing, I like to pose a question. Initiating conversations is the best way to create an account that is ALIVE! Who wants to follow someone with stale, irrelevant content? Not I. 

So, when you find yourself with a Twitter content block ... just ask a question!

4. Twitter Chats = Networking

In order to build an online presence that matters, you must be willing to participate in some of the conversations happening around you. Now, the whole purpose of this post is to encourage you to use Twitter more, but I want to also encourage you to use Twitter as a networking tool. 

Twitter chats may seem like some archaic form of social media interaction, but it is one of the most popping things to happen to the space. Twitter is a collaborative space where creative entrepreneurs can build a network of amazing folks no matter the industry or focus. If you are curious how you can get in on all the Twitter chats, check out this amazing article by Laura James Studio.

5. Fantastic Learning Resource

If you are looking for a great forum where you can share helpful blog posts you've created or content from other creators (a huge plus), then look no further, Twitter is the answer. But, in order for you to begin to find those nuggets of information ... you must take time to follow those who consistently drop the knowledge you need. Some of the amazing women who share content that is inspirational, motivational and educational are as follows:

1. Summer, @ladybossleague

2. Shea, @sheawhatsreal

3. Julie, @xfallenmoon

4. Amber, @ambercreativeco

5. Caitlin, @caitlinbacher

6. Mariah, @mariahcoz

7. Shelby, @bronze_bombSHEL 

8. Aukele, @shebuildsbiz

9. Necole, @xonecole

6. Build, Connect + Inspire

Twitter is no longer emo-land, it is a space where you can connect with amazing folks who have similar focuses on community building. Without a solid, genuine community, Twitter will continue to be a foreign land to you. 

One of the big things we miss as online influencers and business owners would be the fact that we do not focus enough attention on how we invest in our online tribes. In order to become THE boss, you must take time to invest in the knowledge and expertise of your online tribe. When you spend time sharing content and actually holding conversations with your community members, you will most certainly begin to understand the power Twitter holds. 

7. Grow Your Traffic

One of the amazing things I've always loved about Twitter is the fact that I can include live links within my tweets. So, instead of my talking about all of the dope things that have transformed me into a better boss, I can share direct links to the articles, videos and posts that have shaped me into the girlboss I am today.

If you are a blogger or a business owner using a blog to market your business, Twitter should be one of your direct methods for encouraging folks to visit you on your website, Etsy shop or even downloading your latest freebie.

When you are clear and direct with where you want folks to visit and interact with you, you will have no trouble getting them to frequent your websites. 

8. Stand Out Online + Build Your Authority 

Let's face it, the blog and business industries will continue to grow exponentially! So, instead of deciding against entering the industry, why not build your exposure on Twitter. 

In a sea of fantastic (and sometimes not-so-fantastic) folks, it is uber important that we find dope ways to stand out and build a brand that is known for SOMETHING. Now, that something should be a niche that YOU create. Do not wait for someone to dub you as the Queen of This or the Guru of That, create that title by practicing what you preach and sharing it with your community. For instance, for the past six months I always frequent Twitter in the morning spreading the good word about the importance of being the boss!

Honey,  I show up and show out every morning on Twitter and my tribe always looks out for my motivational and inspirational content. 

What will you be known for?


9. Being Vocal is Dope

Working online can seem like a never-ending race to an imaginary finish line to success. With so many bloggers and online influencers understanding the importance of creating careers that didn't exist almost two years ago, there is a thriving community of creative folks sharing their stories and their journeys to success. In order to rock out and be the dope boss you are in your head, open your mouth and make those dreams a realities. 

One of the favorite quotes my mother used to tell me as a young girl would be, "Closed mouths don't get fed, Chakayla." Being vocal, claiming your success, investing in the success of others and writing bomb content that gives folks a look into the world you have built for yourself, all count as methods that will help you amplify your brand to another level. Speak what you feel, speak what you know and speak what you don't know so you can find out! 

My mission is to continue to spread the good word on being consistent, faithful and persistent in your wants and needs as a business owner. So my dear, how will you begin using Twitter to create the brand of your dreams?

Let's get to work loves! 


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