How to Disconnect From Your Online Business + Refocus Your Purpose

How to Disconnect From Your Online Business + Refocus Your Purpose

Welcome back to Chakayla J. Taylor Online! Between ripping and running from workshops, speaking engagements, hosting/co-hosting webinars and journeying through motherhood with a firery two-year-old; let's just say, life has been hectic but oh so worth the lessons. And while I've been away, I have been experimenting with a few social media channel growth strategies (Twitter in particular) and I was going to write a post about my Twitter success, but life happens ... and then I want motivated to write this post! 

So, long story short, after a crazy rainy week in Dallas last week, not only did I crack my Iphone screen (for like the 3rd time) it also suffered crazy rain damage abuse. After the beating my phone took last week, today makes 7 days that I have been without a phone. Yup, I've gone cold turkey without a choice and as I write this blog post at 12:42 AM on Monday, March 14, I am still without a cellular device. But guess what, I am totally not stressing it! Yes yes, as much as I want to be posting on Instagram and making up for the week I've been gone, I have kept those social media hankerings at bay. Yup, I also know that I have a few angry texts waiting for me, my fair share of missed calls and irate voicemails, but guess what ... this unplanned disconnection from my phone and my brand has been worth it. 

Despite this unplanned social media, branding, text hiatus, I have learned a few things in the process. But, first things first, before you go disconnecting all willy nilly, please let your clients + community members know when + how long your disconnection will be. Also, let them know if you will be communicating with them during this hiatus. To be completely transparent, I informed my clients and communicated with them throughout this week hiatus. This process will be all up to you, so I want to encourage you to customize your availability as need be. Now, before we dive into HOW you will actually begin to plan your disconnection plan, I have five things that I want you to keep in mind before dive in:

1. Being disconnected will allow you to understand that quality will override quantity.

2. Use this time to SLOW DOWN and see the beauty in every relationship and interaction you've had, even if they were negative or less than ideal.

3. This disconnection from your brand and social media will test your limits and patience, but always go with your gut + follow your intuition.

4. This disconnection will allow you to be recharged + inspire you to focus on your current relationships, branding strategies and your business plan for success. 

5. In the beginning you will feel like crap, but despite the negativity that may come from you disconnecting from your brand for a few days or even a week, please remember ... it is okay, YOU are (more than) enough! 

Now, let's hash out your disconnection plan! No matter the reason why you want to take your mini-hiatus, the end gain is to help you refocus your purpose and recharge your passion for your online business. Being the Jack/Jackie of All Trades for your business is powerful, but it can also take a number on us as well! So, to help you plan out your disconnection plan like a #BOSS, grab your free worksheet HERE! 

But, before you run off with your freebie, let's talk through the must-dos you should be doing while on your hiatus! Yes, we are supposed to be disconnected but we are not falling off the face of the Earth. Okay, let's get to it:

Step 1: Make Plans to Schedule Your Social Media Content 

Planning + scheduling your content will ensure that your brand stays afloat while you are away. Though you may or may not be responding to comments, it is important to make a note on each channel about what you are up to and how long your hiatus will be. Transparency is always key.

Step 2: Use Purposeful Journaling to Keep a Record of Your Hiatus + Your Personal Feelings

Despite my hiatus not being planned (by any means), the one thing I wish I had done more of during this break, would have been purposeful journaling. When I tell you I went through extreme mood swings and small bouts of depression, it drove me crazy that being without my phone was making me so emotionally vulnerable. So, to combat those feelings or to track your emotions along your hiatus journey, write out how you are feeling, why you are feeling that way and how you will overcome those emotions. 

Step 3: Make Plans to Physically Separate Yourself From Your Phone

Yes, the whole purpose for you is to start from scratch and recharge yourself! Have a family member or a trusted friend, store your phone away for you. If you are going to commit, then you cannot cut corners. But of course, please plan accordingly and have emergency contacts get in touch with you through that family member or friend. 

Step 4: Find Alternatives to Talk to Family Members, Employers + Teachers

If folks really need to get in touch with you, forward them to your email address (sparingly). 

Step 5: Separate Yourself From Your Brand + Do Something Constructive/Creative

As much as you want to be tweeting and posting on Instagram, STOP ... put that phone down and do something constructive or creative. While on my unplanned hiatus, I wrote handmade/handwritten notes to my girlboss tribe! Shoot, I also took time to customize my day planner with cute washi tape + stamps. Listen, breaking away from your phone is tough so find beautiful ways to make it all worth it! 

Step 6: End Your Hiatus STRONG ...

Share you insights and lessons of this hiatus with your tribe! What did you learn? What did you experience? Would you do it again? Was it all worth it? 

When will you be planning your next hiatus from your online brand?

Grab your free worksheet, by clicking the image below! 

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