How to Fight Impostor's Syndrome & Create BOMB Content!

How to Fight Impostor's Syndrome & Create BOMB Content!

Have you ever been enthralled by an EPIC search on Pinterest and by the time you take a look at the clock, you have read over 1,000 blog posts in the matter of two hours? Then, to your added frustration, once you carve out time to create something amazing for your own platform ... you then find yourself F U L L of someone else's content, ideas, concepts and idealogies. Your ideas are currently lost and swirling around without an anchor. 

Trust me, I have been there more than I can count! If you have ever experienced the annoying side-effects of *impostor's syndrome, I am going to give you some effective tips and tricks on how to avoid being a human tape recorder on your platforms!

*Impostor's Syndrome: The fear content creators face after internalizing content and information from outlets [other than their own], in which they believe they will produce or plagiarize the content that they have just over-internalized. 

1. Cancel the Noise

There are a ton of amazing blogs, resources and articles that exist to help amazing folks, like me and you, create bomb brands and businesses. Sometimes, a lot of something good, can be a lot of sensory overload. Let's fight this overwhelming feeling by canceling the noise, or managing the amount of outside content that we are in-taking on a daily/weekly/monthly basis.

We have the human tendency to love things into excess.  So why not create a schedule for research, development and content publishing?Similar to a content calendar, this sort of scheduling will allow you to build your knowledge base and build your brand, all at the same time. 

2. Mini Notebooks [For The WIN]

Mini notebooks are my all-time favorite, because they fit perfectly in my bag and I can whip them out at any moment to jot down concepts and programs that come to mind! Many times, when I am out and about, I am no where near my laptop to write down my ideas, so my mini notebooks always come in handy. 

Just think about it, after being inspired or a random, but pivotal idea comes to mind ... you totally want to write it down! Try and create a running list of concepts, ideas or content that you can pull from when you feel like impostor's syndrome is on the horizon. 

3. Crowd Sourced Content

Whenever I am fighting impostor's syndrome, I often take to social and ask my tribe members what they want to learn and master from me. I use these times to jot down their needs and wants and create content like T H I S

The reason this post came about was when one of my tribe members asked, "How do you fight impostor's syndrome and stick true to who you are?" Then , boom, here we are chopping up ways to release yourself from this annoying creativity blocker. Remember, you are the master strategist of your brand, keep in mind the types of of content your tribe members want to read. 

4. Remember Your Why

Anytime I am struggling with creating content or trying to find ways to keep me interested in blogging, I asked myself: "What is the purpose of this website/brand?" Every time I ask myself this I always answer with, "To educate, empower and inspire women bloggers and entrepreneurs."  Once I remind myself of this, it always inspire me to create content specifically for my tribe. 

5. Brain Dump

After binge-reading content on the internet, I brain dump! Whether it is through conversation, writing down endless ideas [that may or may not belong to me] in my notebook or even doodling, I MUST clear my brain. I want to ensure that all ideas that come to mind are uniquely my own. 

6. Get Out of Your Bubble 

Let's be honest, there are plenty of people sitting on their laptops creating content very similar to what I am creating today. The only thing that separates me from another chick on her laptop is that there is only one, Chakayla J. Taylor. The content I create and how I manifest it may be different than the next blogger out there. 

One of the ways that I get closer to who I am, is by stepping away from my laptop and doing the things I love! It is essential to get out of your bubble and travel to a museum, see a movie, walk outside, go to the beach, head out to brunch, listen to a podcast or even hang out with your loved ones. 

Go out there and create BOMB content!

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