Life Update: Learning How to Live My Best Life!

Life Update: Learning How to Live My Best Life!

This post is sponsored by ModCloth.

When I was a young woman, there was time when I loathed everything about myself, including my curvy body. I never understood, why I couldn't be skinny with long, straight hair ... crazy, right? 

There have been many defining moments in my life that have inspired me that BEING ME, was truly the best remedy to my internal conflict. And if you have been loyal readers for some time now, you have seen my transition from college to motherhood and now entrepreneurship. In that time I have learned a vital lesson:

Life is too short to live a mundane life. Live your best life and let the world see your happiness. 

So, when I was presented with the chance to work with ModCloth ... despite the fact of me hanging up my plus size fashion blogger role ... their mission of inclusivity, body positivity and female empowerment, mirror the mission of my own brand. 

As a Certified Goal Success Coach, it is very important for me to teach my clients the importance of unlocking their goals by O W N I N G who they are and cultivating brands that are purpose-filled, empowering and educate the audiences they attract. 

So, living my best life ... starts with who I AM on the inside and the MESSAGES I put out..

Learning and loving our authentic selves, is the start to something absolutely fantastic. Now, is the journey isn't an easy one ... but that is the true beauty in that trip. If I could count how many times I wondered if I have been traveling on the right pavement of my success and personal career, I would be Oprah-rich by now. 

The one, most important, thing that I have learned from this journey is what's truly required of me ... is to simply be me. No matter if it is in my business or when I am binge-watching Netflix, being myself, in those moments, are what separates me from everyone else. 

And I appreciate that ModCloth appreciates T H I S about me! 

Okay, before I spill the deats on this beautiful dress and retro sunnies, I want to leave you with one last message:

You are as fabulous as YOU believe you are! 

Love the Dress? [Here You Are: Collectif Hey Girl! Halter Midi Dress]

Thank goodness for amazing brands like ModCloth that provide clothing truly fit for me. With sizes ranging from XXS-4XL, every woman can be clothed and look their best ... no matter the occasion. I mean come on, coaches need wardrobe love too! 

P.S. How many brands do you know that have a style gallery featuring real-life customers wearing the clothing you are viewing on the website? Wait, wait, can you count how many of your favorite brands have in-house stylists who can help you shop the website? Trust me, get you a ModStylist in your life ... it will change your wardrobe. 

I also snagged these glasses on clearance and I had to have them! 

I also had the pleasure of snagging these earrings [Daisy Doo-Wop Earrings], but they are currently out of stock. But if you click on the "I Need It" button, ModCloth may reorder them.

Hey family, let's show my favorite photographer Kristina of Kris Will Photography, some love for these amazing photos! 

This post is sponsored by ModCloth. As always, all opinions and content are my own.

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