How to Negotiate Your Worth

How to Negotiate Your Worth

As an online business owner, I spend a lot of time negotiating my worth ... Yes, some days this can be a daunting task, but someone's got to do it. No matter if I'm pricing my products and services or I'm explaining the quality of service I provide to a potential client, these are skills I've mastered overtime and I want to encourage you to begin doing the same! Let's get to work and begin learning how to negotiate like a boss!

Show Notes

1. Time Spent Creating

When negotiating, take time to assess how much time you will spend creating the product or service. This is an essential piece to the puzzle when negotiating how much you may charge for this product/service. Your time is precious, so take time to produce quality work and client/follower interactions.

2. Value in the Product or Service

How valuable is this product? Better yet, what is the purpose of this service? These are things I want to encourage you to begin thinking about when you create. When I produce courses and freebies, I think about what my online community will take away from this lesson. 

3. Expertise/Education 

Your expertise (and sometimes education) will play a major role in building your authority in the online space. The social community is huge, so focus on building up the folks who are apart of your social media and email community. 

4. Materials/Supplies/Subscriptions

This is something I factor in at the very last minute before I launch a product. When thinking about the bottom dollar of the profit I deserve, I think about the materials it took for me to create this service/product. I want to encourage you not to be dependent on these things, just be vigilant on the TIME spent using these materials.

5. Don't Dumb Down Your Expertise 

In order to stand out, you must be confident in being who YOU are. So, dumbing down your expertise to meet the needs of those who are not willing to invest in themselves will leave you frustrated and unaccomplished. Stand strong in what you do and consistently perfect your expertise. 

6. Be Willing to Put in The Work

Success is chartered by the work you put in ... it's simple. What you put in will reflect on the insight you put out into the online space. Working hard is just the tipping work, but remaining productive is key!

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