Affirmation Journaling 101: How to Manifest Your Success

Affirmation Journaling 101: How to Manifest Your Success

2016 was truly a whirlwind year of success, learning, backtracking, reworking and achieving a lot! As I look back on the year and create bigger and better goals for 2017, I started to reflect on how affirmation journaling kept me accountable and focused on my goals. 

Affirmation journaling is the act of writing your way to success by solidifying and affirming your dreams and goals, into existence. Not completely different from daily journaling, affirmation journaling is a great way to manifest your success through the written word.

My dedication and belief in the power of affirmation journaling was sparked after reading an article on Blavity, about author Octavia Butler. The article talked about how Octavia manifested her success and reality by speaking her life into existence through her notebook. POWERFUL, right? So, I started thinking, how hard is it to create my own affirmation journal? If you are wondering, NOT HARD, at all!


In order to build an effective, powerful affirmation journal routine you will need the following:

1. One Journal Dedicated to Affirmation Writing

Okay, let's be real ... we all have that one notebook that holds our grocery lists, to-do lists, our don't forget to not forget lists and every other list in-between. But your affirmation journal, should only include your affirmation posts, ONLY.

2. Consistency

Yes, I know ... consistency isn't the easiest thing to master. Like anything else you want to master and use to progress your success, it will take time to make it a habit. A wise man once told me, it takes 30 days to form an actionable habit. When embarking on this journey, dedicate at least 1 day out of each week to write and affirm your success. 

3. Gut-Wrenching Honesty 

If we are not honest with ourselves, who will you hold responsible to do so? As much as we want to be the "perfect image," of triumph or achievement, deep down we know this isn't possible. In order to know the taste of success, we must experience negativity, we must stumble, we must fall ... but then once that experience is over, we must get up, each time.  THIS is the same way we must be when we journal. Whatever is in your heart, mind and spirit, address it on the pages of your journal. If you are feeling negative, think about affirming ways to change your attitude, how will these current feelings drive you toward positivity, love and light? If you are feeling happy, affirm how you will remain in this positive attitude and how it will improve your quality of life. Think of your notebook as a divine resource.

4. Conviction 

Everything you touch and create should include traces of belief. If not, what's the point? The pages of your notebook should serve as your blueprint for your goals and affirmations. BUT, it is up to you to put the action and passion behind the words you pen in your affirmation journal.

6. A Tribe To Keep You Accountable 

So, you want to start an affirmation journal? Well, welcome to the tribe, queen! Earlier this month, I launched a free affirmation journal prompt list. Every week, I send through affirmation journal prompts that will encourage you to write your way to success. Wanna sign up? Click the image below.  I will see you in your inbox, very soon! 

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