26 Powerful Mantras for Success!

26 Powerful Mantras for Success!

June is a month of rebirth and renewal for me! Not only is it my birthday month (I just turned 26 today!), but it is a time for me to reflect on all of the powerful things that have helped me overcome and slay since the beginning of the year. 

With six months into the New Year and a new chapter being unfolded as I turn 26 today, I wanted to share 26 P O W E R F U L mantras that have inspired me. With these mantras and powerful affirmations that you will access below, REMEMBER:

Success takes patience to master and accomplish.

Which means these mantras and affirmations should be read and repeated on a daily or weekly basis. Along with repetition, please feel free to tweak the phrases below and make them fit for who you are and the emotions you are currently feeling. 

P.S. Please feel free to bookmark this page and come back to read these mantras, over and over again. 

1. When I look into the mirror, I am always overcome by joy. 10 years ago, I was missing ... 10 years later I am magically present.

2. Fear will no longer belittle my strength. I will overcome any adversity and obstacle that blocks my success.

3. Growth is painful at times, but required.

4. I moved silently, methodically, purposefully & powerfully and stumbled across one of my greatest finds: ME

5.I remember what it felt like to hide from myself. With a little time, love & patience, I make sure the world sees me.

6. Be faithful to your transformation. You never know the greatness you will unlock.

7. Solitude and reflection are the best remedies.

8. If at this moment you are feeling SPENT ... eliminate the things (or people) that are draining you dry.

9. The most expensive things that you can give to someone: your mind & your time.

10. When you love yourself unconditionally, even in the most uncomfortable moments, you still radiate inside and out.

11. Growth never happens out of comfort.

12. Resistance to change creates spiritual and emotional turmoil. Let that hurt go, sis.

13. Breaking up with my fears and courting opportunities truly meant for me.

14. When you believe in the POWER of your self-worth, you become open to receiving what the universe has masterminded for you.

15. I will pursue endeavors that fuel my spirit and ignite the fire in my heart. 

16. When you are open to positive transformation, you won’t have to SEEK opportunities. You will attract them.

17. Opportunities happen when the universe deems that you are ready for abundant blessings.

18. Refuse to settle. You are worth more.

19. Nourish your mindset like you do your body.

20. When I unlocked myself ... that's when the magic really happened.

21. Don't let anyone steal your magic, your reason for living, your joy or your strength. Live for you and no one else.

22. I got tired of waiting for confirmation. So, I created my own lane for success ... and it's always traffic free.

23. Seize the moment!

24. Change will only happen when you are open and ready for the new, new, that will come into your life.

25. Stay hungry, humble and persistent.

26. Adversity is the fuel I needed to transform into the woman I needed to become.

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