6 Powerful Lessons I Learned From My 2nd Pregnancy

6 Powerful Lessons I Learned From My 2nd Pregnancy

It's been some time since I have logged on to this blog and shared a piece of myself with you. After an extended hiatus during my pregnancy, I thought it was time to come back and share some of the lessons I learned during these last 9 months. 

Just a forewarning, there will be tons of content that discuss my family and pregnancy, but that does not mean you have to have children or even being pregnant to relate and implement the lessons I will be sharing.

Now, without further ado ... let's get into today's post:

1. Dedication ... Is NOT An Excuse

At the mid-point of my pregnancy, I had the bright idea to launch a new book. Little did I know, my body and mind were simply not ready to take on such a huge work load, while I was pregnant. In my younger days, when I had Emmanuel (mind you, I was in my early 20s) I was spry and working two part-time retail jobs in the same mall. From the time the mall opened, to the time it closed, I was in that sucker walking up and down, traveling up and down escalators, changing clothes and pursuing customers. My body was able to endure huge spans of work time. Yes, I know, writing a book doesn't seem like a lot of leg work, but trust me, it is. Rarely have I ever given up on a project or a task, so this was something that was fairly new to me. But, it taught me that sometimes you have to S L O W down and take a breather.

2. Pride Can Be Dangerous

There will be a time when you are going to need help or even someone to cry or vent to. This lesson stuck out like a sore thumb, because I tried to figure out too many things on my own. This time around, I wanted to change this trajectory. In order to do better, we must BE better. STOP trying to lean on your own shoulders. There will be time when independence is 100% respected, but when it comes to mental clarity or protecting your health it is more than okay to shout for help. Build a tribe of trusting people around you who you can go to when the going gets rough. 

3. Celebrate Your Flaws & Quirks

This lesson does not need a long, drawn out explanation. It is much easier to celebrate who we are in our current form than trying to fight to be someone or something we are not. It's not only about attracting and strategically placing people in our lives to uplift us, it is about knowing our worth and constantly reminding ourselves of who we are. 


4. Living In Your Truth is Freedom

Even though Instagram is bae, sometimes it can be draining to scroll through a bajillion accounts and see a snapshot of all the amazing things your followers are doing. Instead of your brain saying, "YASSSSSS QUEEN, YOU DID THAT," maybe it's really like, "YASSSS QUEEN ... why can't I have the success she has." As crazy as it sounds, it is human to compare ourselves to someone else. Whenever I have those moments, I have to sit myself down and tell my brain:

Hey, you have no idea the trials and tribulations this person went through to get to this magic moment. Are you willing to blindly submit yourself to their journey without assessing your own?

Once you answer this, then you know how to unchain yourself from the social status and ridiculous trends we commit to ... just to be liked. Yo, it's time to shatter that feeble mindset and live in our truth and purpose (while on our own time and terms).

5. Sometimes You Just Have to Say, "Eff It!"

Just like the natural birth I desired to have ... sometimes, our plans will chart their own course and we have to learn how to just go with the flow. Instead of naturally letting my son into the world without pain meds, I opted out and yelled for an epidural to calm the pain, just so I could focus on the bringing life into the world. Anything or anyone that is not aligned with what you need, just say eff it and move on to what makes you feel RIGHT. 

One of my favorite songs to listen to when I wanna say eff it is ...

6. Value The Lessons You Have Already Learned

Why constantly reinvent the wheel? During this pregnancy, I spent a lot of time reflecting on my first pregnancy and the things that I would change the second time around. I was only stronger and more focused during this second pregnancy, because I still remember where I was and how I felt nearly 4 years ago. This pregnancy has inspired me to value every single experience, no matter how big or small it may be. 

What Lessons Are You Taking into 2018?

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