The Around The Way Girl 

Hi, my name is Chakayla! I am a Millennial momma obsessed with food, fashion and learning ... well, about everything! After graduating from a private university in the south with a Bachelor of Arts in English with a minor in Entrepreneurship & Social Enterprise, I soon found myself pregnant and working in a crappy mall with swollen feet and a uniform that smelled like perfume and stale fries! After gritting and bearing with mall life during my summer pregnancy, my boyfriend of three years and I gave birth to our son Emmanuel in November 2013:

This fearless, intelligent and hyper-active human being has inspired me more than I have ever imagined! Once I looked into his eyes, I knew that making minimum wage in the mall would no longer cut it! Using my savvy communication skills and self-taught social media and branding abilities, I took the dive and scored a job with an amazing advertising agency. After one year of working with the agency, I then decided to become an infopreneur! And as of October 2015, I have become a full-time entrepreneur teaching female entrepreneurs how to create BOMB brands with profitable and strategic social media and email marketing techniques. 


If you can tell from the content I share on my blog and social media channels, I have an intense passion for social media marketing, blogger and brand relations and crafting amazing pitch emails! If you ever have questions as it pertains to those learned qualities, go ahead girl ... drop me a note so we can connect!  

Throughout this journey, I am looking forward to getting to know you all more! If you have any questions, post suggestions or just want to send a friendly "Hi" do not hesitate to get in touch with me below: