Chakayla J. Taylor is a Certified Goal Success Life Coach for women entrepreneurs, hungry to manifest their goals into reality. She has created a brand focused on helping dynamic women push past self-limiting beliefs and create successful strategies that redefine & re-frame their realities. 

With the creation of her first blog Classic.Raw.Beauty., in 2009, Chakayla has learned the value of building rich online communities. Along with her love for life coaching, she is dedicated to educating and encouraging her thriving tribe of 1.8K entrepreneurs in her She's Able Facebook Community.

Chakayla J. Taylor is a 2013 graduate from Wake Forest University with a B.A. in English and a minor in Entrepreneurship and Social Enterprise. She is a mother to two amazing little princes named, Emmanuel and Elijah.

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"Hiding in corners was my specialty. But now I stand out purposefully  because I love the woman I found while  on this spiritual journey."

-Chakayla J. Taylor