How to Increase Your Twitter Following

With the holidays making an entrance in less than two weeks, my gift to you is the power of being a dynamic content creator. Um hello, Miss Online GirlBoss, social media is one of the most important tools to use to grow and build a strong community. I mean this gift is not tangible, like in your hands unwrapping the gift of social media greatness ... but trust me, these tips will help you prime your business for success in 2016. I mean, what can be better than that? Ok, maybe a gift card to J. Crew or Forever 21 would be pretty cool too, but we are talking biz ... so let's get to it! 

Oh yeah, B-T-DUB, you may want to read the post first before you grab the goods below. I mean I'm not tempting you or anything! :)

Yes, this is an age old tip that is still relevant. Don't believe me, just check out the 83 female entrepreneur related hashtags, that are booming with amazing bloggers and entrepreneurs slaying the social media game. Listen up, hashtags are free resources to network, connect and interact with people who want to learn more about you, and vice versa. Just so you know it's really real, take a look at my impression rate over the last 24 hours, as of 11:04 pm CST on December, 14, 2015:

See, when you put in work the numbers will show and tell.

Um, hello your love for Empire is totally worth it when growing your Twitter channel! Live tweeting is a beneficial, and fun, way to grow you audience. Yes, a hashtag is needed but you can also use popular show terms (such as character names and show titles) that will also be trending during the latest episodes of How to Get Away With Murder or the American Music Awards. So, my friend, get to LIVE tweeting and don't miss out on the fun and followers you will gain.

Gone are the days of mindless tweets making you relevant in your industry. I guess this is the case for Twitter comedians but, this is not my industry of choice ... female entrepreneurs is the name of my game! It is my job to help YOU kick butt when you tell me you are ready to create a successful brand with a loyal social media community supporting you. Some great examples of content you can be sharing on your timeline can be:

  • Relevant articles
  • Trending content related to your niche
  • Inspiration/aspirational/education/witty video content
  • Free checklists
  • Blog posts

Ma'am, if you are tweeting once a day ... or simply automating your content and not following up with additional content throughout the day or the week ... this is NOT being consistent. No one can tell you the perfect number of tweets you should be sharing on a daily or weekly basis, but you gotta show up and show out. How else do you expect to grow an online community that frequents your site, even when you don't ask them to. At the very (and I mean, very) minimum amount of tweets you should be sharing is 4 tweets a day ... and at least two of these tweets should come directly from you and not your automated content scheduler.

Come on man, respond to those mentions you've been ignoring all day. You didn't think I was gonna call you out, but I totally did! One of the most important activities you should be doing on Twitter (frankly, on ALL of your social media properties) is engaging with your audience. Interact with your followers, after all they deserve it! Not only is it important to START a conversation, but you should also be taking part of trending conversations. Bloggers and brands alike have been using Twitter chats (infamously known as Twitter Parties) and spur of the moment conversations to drive engagement and to increase their following. And you my friend, should be following suit.

Like I shared in tip 3, you must be creating insanely valuable content! So why not create a Twitter series to help you connect better with your audience or attract new members to join your thriving community. During the month of December, I have been sharing FREE and extremely useful content all about how to build a successful brand. If you could imagine (just from the type of content I share on the blog), this content has been social media branding related. Along with creating content that reflects my brand, I even created a unique hashtag called #branditdope. When you are in the middle of cultivating a community, you will attract the right audiences with the valuable, on-brand content you may share in your series. Now, go out there and make some noise worth listening to!


If you are loving what you're reading, go ahead and grab that free checklist :)

Pinned tweets are a little secret of mine! Any time you want exposure for an event, blog post, giveaway or even a welcome message to new followers ... this is a great way to do so. And girlfriend, when you create a pinned tweet you must be using that free checklist that I've tagged on to this post. If you want more engagement, more impressions (or eyeballs) on your page ... pin those important, engaging tweets.

Nothing new here, but I bet you are not doing this consistently. Don't worry, I have to kick myself after every tweet that does not include a relevant tag or mention. If you want more exposure and attention (um, positive and valuable attention), begin using this tip IMMEDIATELY
. Warning: When tagging or mentioning other social handles, please make sure you are politically correct, include correct punctuation, forget silly typos and provide correct product info.  Basically .. Google Search, Edit, Double Check ... then tweet.

Track, track, track and track some more! This is my social media marketer coming out! But, seriously, if you are not using Twitter Analytics or other comparable social media listening tools, you're missing out on the bread & butter you could be earning your online brand. For instance, before quitting my full time ad job, I was not giving my social media channels the love and attention they needed, especially Twitter. So, when I quit in October of 2015, I made it my goal to rebuild and refocus my social media properties ... so Twitter Analytics became my bestie. Just so you can see the leaps and bounds I've made since September (before quitting my job) to last month, it's a dramatic transformation.

There is a lot of power in a retweet! Something you should start doing (along with the other 10 tips in this post), would be to start consistently sharing valuable content from fellow bloggers and entrepreneurs that have amazing content. For instance, my girl Shelby of Bronze Bombshell is a career expert helping Millennials achieve greatness in the workplace and their personal lives. With that being said, the knowledge she drops throughout the day just gets me charged to start and end the day like a champ. So, whenever I see her drop bombs I always retweet her content. Now, with that being said, she does the same with my content (see, it's all about equal exchange). So you could only imagine how psyched I was when she retweeted the hashtag post ... catch the wave guys!

At the end of the day, we will not have the same target audiences (which is totally ok). With that being said, it is so important to survey who is visiting your account. Not only will this help you figure out who you are talking to, but it will help inform the types of on-brand content you create. Trust me, this is totally a no brainer :) Whenever you see new followers on your account, happily click on their account and read their bios and a handful of their tweets ... THERE, DONE! See, I told you it would be easy. In order to build a dope online community, you must be diligent and willing to work for the success.

So, not only have I dished out FREE tips on how you can maximize and grow your Twitter community; but I've also included a free checklist that shows you the anatomy of an engaging tweet! If you are ready to start creating BOMB tweets, grab your FREE checklist below!

I can't wait to hear all about your tremendous growth! 


Hi, my name is Chakayla! I am a Millennial momma obsessed with food, fashion and learning ... well, about everything! After graduating from a private university in the south, I soon found myself pregnant and working in a crappy mall with swollen feet and a uniform that smelled like perfume and stale fries! After gritting and bearing with mall life during my summer pregnancy, my boyfriend of three years and I gave birth to our son Emmanuel in November 2013:

This fearless, intelligent and hyper-active human being has inspired me more than I have ever imagined! Once I looked into his eyes, I knew that making minimum wage in the mall would no longer cut it! Using my savvy communication skills and self-taught social media and branding abilities, I took the dive and scored a job with an amazing advertising agency. After one year of working with the agency, I then decided to become an infopreneur! And as of October 2015, I have become a full-time entrepreneur teaching female entrepreneurs how to create BOMB brands with profitable and strategic social media and email marketing techniques. 

If you can tell from the content I share on my blog and social media channels, I have an intense passion for social media marketing, blogger and brand relations and crafting amazing pitch emails! If you ever have questions as it pertains to those learned qualities, go ahead girl ... drop me a note so we can connect!  

I am a family woman through and through, which truly inspires my craft and passion! When I am not situated and writing blog posts or crafting ebooks, I am running behind my son and laughing it up with my boyfriend ... oh and eating amazing food! 

Throughout this journey, I am looking forward to getting to know you all more! If you have any questions, post suggestions or just want to send a friendly "Hi" do not hesitate to get in touch with me below:

5 Ways to Increase Your Facebook Engagement

Fridays are usually dedicated to fashion, but we are less than one month away from 2016! So, if you're serious about making a huge impact with your online biz, then we have to get to work. Earlier this week I shared all of my favorite hashtags that every female entrepreneur should be using! Today, we will be talking about 5 ways to increase your Facebook engagement. If you are ready, let's get to it! 

Let's talk Facebook success! 

Before I dish all of my coveted tips on how to increase engagement and likes on your Facebook business page, let me show you how GOOD these strategies really are! 

Before implementing these strategies, I will be sharing below, performance on my page was WEAK. I mean, just look at the lack of activity and engagement. 

August-September 2015 

After implementing these strategies in October, my page has been banging ever since! I am happy to report that I have a lot more engagement on my page, thanks to these strategies. Now that you have these fun little metrics, let's talk more about how you can get IN on these Facebook goods! 

 October-November 2015 

Tip 1: Use Link Posts on Facebook

Have you ever pasted a URL in the "update status" box on Facebook? If so, did you see your post warp like a Transformer? When you place a URL (or link) on Facebook, it will automatically generate a LINK POST for you, or a post that includes a hyperlinked header image and text from the website you are linking to. Facebook loves link posts, so much so you will begin to notice an increase in how many of your readers were served that post (fancy, smancy talk that basically means your posts will get into the newsfeeds of your readers more often).

*This is an example of a link post. Once the header and title come up, you can delete the physical link.

Tip 2: Use Directive Language

When creating posts on your Facebook page, be sure to ALWAYS use directive language such as, "click here," "subscribe now," or "read below." It may sound a little bossy, but trust me your fans will understand exactly how you want them to engage with that particular post! 

Tip 3: Be Relevant & Timely

As the boss chick of your biz, you must constantly be in tune with the going ons of the interwebs! This is how you will capture your ideal target customer. One of the ways you can do this is by sharing relevant content that has gone viral on Facebook, with over 1.2 K likes & shares. Not only will this help you increase the amount of folks you reach, but it will help your lovely page increase visibility among new audiences.

Tip 4: Don't Be Thirsty for Likes

A little dramatic, right? But seriously, Facebook really dislikes when business page owners use language such as, "please like my page," "share/like/comment to get x" or "please comment." We do not want to be thirsty and fish for likes! When you create and share dynamic content on your page, the followers will come! 

Tip 5: Hashtags Work on Facebook, Too!

One of my blogger babes shared this tip with me last month and man ... I was missing out! I had no idea how Facebook utilized hashtags; but it is very similar to Instagram. Before you go adding 1,000 hashtags, search on Facebook to see the trending hashtags for the day. I also recommend using 3-5 hashtags in your post, less is more on Facebook. 

But, what if I told you could have a 1-on-1 Facebook strategy session with me in your inbox for five days?

Since we are weeks away from 2016, it is so important to prioritize how we build and manage our online communities! With my Facebook flourishing beautifully, I want you to be able to grow and build with me 1-on-1. In my Build a Kickass Facebook Following E-Course, I dish even MORE secret tips on how to grow your business page before putting money into Facebook's piggy bank. With easily downloadable worksheets, video lessons and direct advice (from yours truly), you will be well on your way to greatness with this five day, five course lesson. 

If you are ready to join the boss up gang, click here. With only $15 worth the investment, you will learn coveted information Facebook does not WANT you to know. Are you ready to invest in your future, join us on our Kickass Facebook journey!

Must Use Hashtags for Female Entrepreneurs + FREE Download

Hashtags for Female Entrepreneurs

Hey There, #GIRLBOSS! 

Are you ready for another social media lesson with me? I hope that was a RESOUNDING, YAS (or YES)! Since we are less than 30 days from 2016, I am on a fearless mission to help female entrepreneurs grow amazing, beautiful brands! But, before I give you the goods, let's talk a little business. 

In order to build a beautiful brand that is fully engaged, thriving and full of members who want to grow and learn with you, there are a few things you must commit your time and patience to.

One of the missteps we take as online biz owners is NOT properly growing our online communities.
It's great if we have the numbers, but engagement is the key to success. If you fell off the side of the Earth, okay that's intense ... if you were super busy creating a new course or service, would your followers even notice your lack of posts?

Boom, there, I said it! 

Before you build a brand you love, you must put in work. And one of the many, time consuming and lovely, things I do to build my social media presence is by using hashtags to network and connect with fellow biz owners in my niche. Guys, there is so much power in a small (or sometimes LONG) hashtag! Not only can you connect with potential customers, but you can build a network of hardworking entrepreneurs who are building their communities as well. But, not only does it take time to visit those hashtags where your fabulous counterparts roam, it takes time to FIND those appropriate hashtags.

But, since the holidays are among us, I am feeling generous! So, after a two day Instagram binge I found 83 hashtags that you can use today to build your online community. Thank me by downloading your free hashtag list below. I cannot wait to hear all about how your brand begins to blossom.

Vintage Blazer + Lace Up Boots

How to Wear Lace Up Boots

We have about 27 days before 2016 arrives! Are you excited, nervous, anxious, elated? I am having a ton of emotions, but I am most definitely happy to be starting off fresh with a clean, new slate. As of today, my notebook is filled with new course ideas and blog posts to welcome in 2016! I am overwhelmed, but totally for good reason.

 How will you bring in the New Year?

Wide Calf Boots

Natural Hair Bantu Knots

Natural Hairstyles

Forever 21 Plus Size Jeans

ShoeDazzle Lace Up Boots
Wearing: Thrifted Vintage Blazer | Forever21 Jeans | ShoeDazzle Lace Up Boots

How will you bring 2016 in style?

2016 Biz Goals + Resolutions

What are you good at? What do you know A LOT about? These are questions that I want you to start thinking about before 2016 arrives. Figuring out your talents will help inform you of the resources, (i.e. blog posts, webinars, workshops) you can provide your target audience.

Becoming a resource not only builds genuine connections between you are your readers, but it will also create trust. On the other hand, I also encourage you to continue to become smart on your industry or topic of choice. You can do so by following other blogs that specialize in those topics, scour Pinterest and even purchase ebooks and books. It's always important on staying on top of your A-Game.  

In order to encourage others to believe in your knowledge base, you must create a product or service that aligns with your niche. Try not to overthink your product/service offering, keep it streamlined and easy to access. If you take a look at my SERVICES tab, I have a combination of pre-made ecourses and services that require 1-on-1 sessions with clients. As you continue to build your brand, you will figure out the best types of products and services to add to your round up. To help you with your creative process, below are a few examples of the services I provide:


In order to be insanely successful in your business, you must be willing to openly work with others! One of the many philosophies I live by is:


If you keep things all bottled up, how will you grow and build with others? You never know the genuine connections you can make once you share your beliefs, philosophies and ideas with others. Creating a network of like-minded individuals will not only expand your brand, but it will expand your influence across difference disciplines and industries. 

Have you ever wanted to be a speaker at a conference? Or, how about planning and coordinating your own successful conference? Who says you can't make these gutsy dreams come true? 

Trust me, there are moments when my inner introvert wants to take over and spoil the show ... but, I have found other ways to overcome those insecurities. One of the ways that I do this is by always thinking about the end goal. If you want to coordinate your own conference ... what will be your end goal? How will this conference enhance your brand and your expand your expertise? So, when it is time to contact a planner or a potential speaker for your event, think of your end goals and seek confidence through them!

Business is all about being a risk taker! So, doing something gutsy is all in a day's work for you. Go out there and do something you have never done before. 

Being knowledgeable and helping others become knowledgeable are two different things. When creating content for your blog or presenting a service/product to your audience, it is important to leave your readers with information that broadens their perspective.

Becoming an authority not only means you are an expert in your craft, but it also means you know how to teach, educate and spread knowledge.

Honestly, this is easier said than done. But, it is not impossible! There is one thing that some people hate to do (ok, well ... two things): 

  • Researching relevant articles, books and websites 
  • Using that research to inform the decisions they make in their business

Please, do not be that gal! In order to run a successful business, surround yourself around like-minded individuals, join Facebook groups or even start your own community for start-up entrepreneurs or bloggers. Just be willing to put in the work to make your business dreams a reality. 

Now, if your eyes are glazed over trying to figure out your next steps, wipe them and visit my BUSINESS RESOURCES board on Pinterest. Not only is this a fun way to shoot the breeze, but you will actually be learning from amazing content creators across the amazing interwebs! I have also listed a few more group boards that have been so helpful to me while on this entrepreneurship journey!  

If you need something more snackable, watch 
My New Year Business Goals Video! 

What are your goals for 2016?

Mini Dress + Cape

Plus Size Mini Dress

Thanksgiving was filled with love, family and amazing food! I am hoping the same for you! 

With Thanksgiving past us and turkey leftovers ready for us to devour, Christmas and the New Year will be here before we know it. And um, my wardrobe is so ready for all of the holiday parties and events! Whenever you see me break out the gold, berry and burgundy, you know it's time for the fun to begin!  

Plus Size Holiday Party Dresses

Plus Size Mini Dress
Wearing: INC Dress From thredUp 

Plus Size Holiday Party Dresses

Plus Size Dresses
Dillard's Cape: Salvation Army

Plus Size Holiday Dresses

Plus Size Mini Dress

Plus Size Holiday Dresses

What are you looking forward to most this holiday season?

MailChimp Marketing Tips and Tricks

A blog or business without a clear marketing strategy, is definitely a no go! It's fabulous if you can create awesome visuals, content, products or services, but you must attract the RIGHT audience. Email marketing should be one of your go-to strategies when building a community of people who relate to your brand. At this point, if you are scratching your head and wondering what the heck I'm going on and on about,  meet me in my office (okay well, the next page). 

MailChimp Marketing Strategies

BEFORE I spill all of the goods, I want you to remember this golden rule about email marketing: 

Your email list is an exclusive portal for supplemental content, discounts and previews you do not offer exclusively on your blog. 

Get it? Your mailing list is where the magic happens. Now let me warn you, this post is quite lengthy. But no one ever said learning would be easy (or short), so please feel free to grab your favorite drink and snack and let's begin! 

For me, a pop up form is the first tier of my email marketing funnel. Pop-ups, or email opt-in windows that appear when you visit a website, are a great way to keep your readers engaged by introducing new posts, products or events related to your brand. When you think about pop ups, they should be attention grabbing opt-ins that persuade readers to join you emailing list. Now before we really jump in to this portion of the post, I want to share three reasons why pop ups are crucial for the success of your brand:

1. Keeping your audience engaged is essential to the success of your email list.
2. Building an email list will encourage repeat website visits or repeat purchases.
3. Creating content your audience enjoys will aid in boosting your leads and sales through your email list (in terms dollars & page views).

One thing I wish someone would have told me six years ago when I began blogging would have been, focus on building a community through an email list. Your email list is where you can remain in the minds of your readers and keep them in the know about new content and products you want to offer them. Not only is this a great way to keep your audiences engaged and informed, but you will learn what makes your audience TICK (or what they are passionate about) ... 

Just think about it, not only should you be an expert in your niche but you should also become an expert on who your audience is. I mean how else will you charm them? To help you get those creative thoughts going, think about these few basic questions about your audience:

Who is your ideal customer or reader?
What does she/he enjoy? 
What makes her/him feel successful?

Okay, don't go postal on me here ... it's TOTALLY ok if you do not know the answers to these questions, just yet. But, your email list is a great way to unveil these types of answers about your audience. And (drum rolll ...), one way to do that is by creating freebies and opt-in content that your readers will enjoy. 

One of the ways I decided to lure (okay that's creepy, how about encourage) folks to subscribe to my email list (via pop up forms), was creating a free five day email course. The BIG (and somewhat) easy idea was to increase my email list with quality followers who are interested in not only learning how to revamp their wardrobes, but also gain the attention of potential customers interested in purchasing products or services related to fashion and personal style. At this point, I hope you are not staring blankly at the screen. So let me bring this idea full circle.

Pop up forms are an awesome way to loop in potential readers/customers by offering insanely valuable (yet free) products or services.

Now honey, if you want them to keep coming back for more... that's how you do it. So that you can experience the type of freebies I create, check out my Build A Better Wardrobe Ecourse below!

Build a Better Wardrobe E-coursesaEa

Now that you have eager readers signing up for your freebies through your pop-ups, let's talk about how to automatically schedule those emails without you lifting a finger. 

Even though I am bias, MailChimp is a well-rounded tool that will help you beef up your email marketing strategy. In that case, automated emails (fancy stuff for ... pre-scheduled emails, triggered when people subscribe to your email list), are a great way to provide e-courses or series of on-boarding welcome emails that teaches readers all about your brand or the types of content you offer on your site. Okay, I think I teased you enough, let's get into a few reasons why automation is a great follow-up after pop ups.

Our blogs are marketing and engagement tools that help us spread our content and expertise with willing readers. Once your potential readers and customers commit to subscribing to your email list, now it's your turn to dazzle them with your automated content. 

OKAY, I told you that this would be a long one. Here is where you may want to take a bio break or grab another venti iced coffee. I will be here waiting to teach you some amazing tips.

If you are good to go, let's hop right on in. Below, I will break down the two (of many) services your website should serve to your audience:

Engagement Tool

Creating content is the main purpose of keeping your blog alive and relevant. Content creation should be one of your main focuses, this is what helps introduce your vision and your purpose to new readers. Creating content takes patience and strategy, which can take up between 25-50% of your time. With that in mind, integrating automated emails will loop in readers to new ideas and products you are planning to sell or offer your audiences. Automated emails are pre-made newsletters you create in your tone and voice. Here is where readers will begin to get to know who you are … and what makes YOU tick.  See, there is always a connection between you and your reader.

Marketing Tool

Aside from your content, your blog should also have a marketing function as well. How and where do you share you content? Cue in your pop ups and automated emails. Automation is the way to follow through with the freebie content. For instance, I created my Build A Better Wardrobe e-course to keep my readers busy while I created long-form , evergreen content that took me some time to create (case-and-point ... this post). Not only am I sharing insanely valuable content, but my readers are getting free automated emails from me in their inbox. 

Well, well look at you! You are hanging in there with me getting so smart and savvy about email marketing. If you are ready, let's get into newsletters!

Here is the last tier of my email marketing process ... and the MOST essential! Now we can talk about how to build cool newsletters, or we can talk about how to create click-worthy newsletter content! That's definitely more fun than boring you to sleep!

At this point, I have given you all of my coveted secrets about email marketing, now it's time to get real! Let's have an honest one on one here, your readers DO NOT (and I repeat) DO NOT want you to regurgitate the blog post you create the night before and share it in their inbox. We are in the day and age where people hate to read, so when they give you permission to enter their inbox ... they do not want spammy content that does not have any value to them. So, instead of reaching them directly, your newsletter will be secured right into their spam folder. 

Creating click-worthy content means sharing and creating valuable content that is related to your brand and useful for the person receiving it. The type of content or freebies that can grab the attention of your readers can be:

1. Video/audio content sharing something exciting 
2. Fun .GIFs that help break up lengthy newsletter content 
3. Easily accessible worksheets and freebies (via Google Docs)
4. Supplemental blog posts
5. Exclusive content
6. Discounts to digital products and services 

Your newsletter should not also inform, entertain or engage, but it should also create a genuine bond between you and your readers. In order to create IMPACTFUL,  insanely useful content you must do the following with your readers: 


Without thinking through HOW you will connect, engage and educate your readers, your newsletters will not have a clear focus, thus decreasing the chance your lovely readers will want to click on and read. But, to save you some time, I led an informative Google Hangout all about how to create amazing newsletter content and how to encourage your readers to actually open them up ... with glee! Oh yeah, I also have an awesome resource worksheet that goes along with this hangout, that I attached right ... HERE! So, if you are ready to continue your learning after you exit this post, check out my hangout below:

How will you use email marketing this year?


Female Entrepreneur Quotes

Branding Your Small Business
Click to Access Playlist

Are you a blogger or entrepreneur looking to expand their brand and create a community of loyal readers and repeat customers? Well, you are in the right place! On my Brand Marketing 101 playlist, you will find amazingly useful (and FREE) webinars that I have conducted, all about how to use MailChimp to enhance your email marketing skills. From building profitable email lists to creating stellar, click-worthy newsletter content, you will learn the ins and outs of how to grow your community!


I love me a good wash and go, click on the video below and learn how I refresh and keep my curls POPPING!


What's better than a foundation that goes on smooth and luxurious ... well, a foundation that is smooth, luxurious and perfectly matches your skin tone! It's been a long while since I've found a foundation that MATCHES my skin tone and is not too red or too warm! Black Opal's True Color Pore Perfecting Liquid Foundation is just what I needed. 

If you are curious which color I'm wearing, watch the video below for more details! Also, below the video I have provided the names of the other beauty products used in this video.

Beauty Products Used:

Wet n' Wild Mega Glo (Starlight Bronze)


What's a cute outfit without a bomb hair-do? Well, pretty boring if a headwrap is not involved (if you asked me). So when I find a hairstyle I love, I wear it over and over again. Hence, why this tutorial has come to life.

I'm pretty sure you have seen many variations of twist and curl sets; but, I've found two ways to make my twist and curl sets bouncy, tight and built to last all day. Like most hairstyles, products play a factor in how the hairstyle turns out but the technique and tools play a HUGE when manipulating your hair into curly, coily styles like twist and curls. But, I have cracked that code for you and I cannot wait to share it with you. Before you dive in to the tutorial below, remember these two MUST-DO things for your twist and curl:

1. Use Small/Skinny Perm Rods

To achieve a long lasting curl, using small or skinny perm rods will be your best bet. 

2. Twirl, Don't ROLL the Hair

As you will notice in the tutorial below, I twirled the ends of the two-strand twist on the perm rod. This technique will ensure that the curl is tight, bouncy and long-lasting. 

Now that you know my must-do techniques for this look,check out the tutorial for more details on the products used and how to perfect the rod twirling technique.

Show off your perfect twist and curl sets with me on social media, @stylishlydecadent on Instagram! 

How to Refresh Your Wash & Go

We have all suffered from a gnarly case of bed head! Trust me, my curls are always mushed beyond recognition! Oh yeah, and after having my toddler plant his sticky hands on my curls, my curls are definitely in need of some refreshing. If you are wondering how I make this all happen, meet me on the next page!

Wash and gos use to be a hairstyle I was afraid to do (now bantu knot outs have taken center stage). Trying to figure out the correct amount of products, the perfect product formula that will not leave flakes and the length of time I can maintain this look ... were all things that scared me. But, after one magical day, I threw caution to the wind (you know you love a good cliché every now and then) and just threw two products on my head and my curls just POPPED!

You're looking at the screen and you're probably wanting more deats. Well my dear, check out my video below and find our how I made this magic happen! 


Build Your Wardrobe is a FREE email course that provides you with five fab lessons in five short days! Whether you're curious about how to style accessories or how to make a statement with your wardrobe, I will teach you all of this in less than a week. Not only will you receive immediate and effective solutions to issues you are experiencing with your wardrobe, you will get 1-on-1s with me right in your inbox!

To sign up for this mini (but mighty) personal style course, please sign up below:


Stylishly Decadent is a fashion and lifestyle blog focusing on personal style, food and everyday life as a mother. Are you interested in collaborating with Stylishly Decadent? For all advertising, sponsorship, and collaboration inquiries, please email me at with "ADVERTISING" in the subject line.

Product Reviews
Stylishly Decadent will only accept products for review that fall in line with the overall style, voice, and overall aesthetic of this blog. I reserve the right to share my honest opinion with readers. If you are interested, please contact me for more information.

Stylishly Decadent currently accepts sponsorships of companies are relevant to this blog and it's readers. Please email me for additional information.

Outfit Post Sponsorship
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How to Wear Dresses + Skirts in Winter

The winter season is the perfect time to breathe new life into your warmer weather essentials, like dresses and skirts. Layering your favorite winter accessories over your dresses and skirts can make fab winter outfits! But, if you are feeling a little underwhelmed with what is currently in your wardrobe, I am here to show you that the fabulous outfits you want, already exist in your wardrobe. If you are ready to learn how to wear your dresses and skirts this winter season, meet me on the next page to check out the perfect fall outfit combos my blogger boos put together! 

1. Skater Dress + Beanie + Tights + Combat Boots

I guarantee you that your summer skater dress is waiting in your closet waiting to be styled this winter. Pairing easy winter accessories like beanies, tights and boots with your dress will give your look the winter sass you need.

2. Tunic + Treggings

Treggings, leggings and tights are a great way to keep your legs warm no matter the outfit you put together. But, please make sure your top is long enough to cover your booty ... we want to look sophisticated and polished (not trashy).

Taniqua, Taniqua Russ

3. Printed Skirt + Graphic Tee + Blazer

This has to be one of the chicest and easiest ways to maximize your winter wardrobe! To give your look a little bit of glam, rock your tee and skirt with a sequined blazer and velvet pumps. 

4. Tweed Mini + Blouse + OTS Blazer

OTS, short for over the shoulder, is all the rage right now and looks good with any outfit! If you are looking for a causal work wear look, pair your business casual skirts with a relaxed top and chic classic blazer worn OTS.

5. Striped Dress + Sweater Vest

Warm up a summer dress with a sweater vest and cute booties! 

Ashley, Fab Ellis (Sweater Vest)

6. Check Print Maxi + Lace Up Boots

Maxi skirts are great way to keep your legs covered! But, when you rock a pair of cute booties it gives your outfit a fall appropriate look!

Yah'Zahara, The Nspiyahd Life

7. Pleated Skirt + Vintage Sweater 

You can never go wrong with vintage! But skirts & sweaters are the perfect pair for the winter season, no matter the clothing era they were created in.

8. Leather Midi + Turtle Neck + Fur Vest

Leather skirts are the epitome of chic especially when worn with a fur vest!

9. Sequin Skirt + Plaid Top

Sequins and plaid are an unlikely pair, but they are super cute to wear this winter season. Adding a bit of glitz to a casual look will instantly give your fit a chilled vibe.

10. Denim Midi + Layered Outerwear

Denim skirts look chic when paired with layered outerwear. Try rocking your denim skirt paired with a light weight sweater vest, followed by a leather jacket (Princess is slaying in this deep green leather). 

Princess, Personal Bravery

11. Layered Mini Dress + Vest 

Layer your favorite mini/midi dresses with a long sleeve button down top for a preppy professional ensemble. Add a long hem buttoned vest over your dress and button down for an added layer of chic and warmth.

Ashley, Fab Ellis 

12. Swing Dress + Tights 

Long sleeve swing dresses are the perfect basic pieces for the winter! Add your favorite opaque or printed tights with your swing dress for a warm and easy look! 

13. Cords + Camel Coat

Rock your favorite cord sets with a pair of pumps and camel coat (or peacoat of your choice)! Now, depending on the area you live in, you may need to add a pair of opaque tights and a scarf to warm up this look.

*I do not own these photos. Each beauty featured in this post gave me written permission to use their photos.

Which looks are your favorite?

Girl Boss 101: How to Increase Facebook Engagement Rate {for FREE!}

For the past six years I have blogged about fashion and personal style and it has been a blast! After taking some time off and creating Stylishly Decadent, I found that I have a deep love for teaching women not only how to create their own personal styles, but also how to build their own brands through social media branding and online community building. With that being said, in January I will be sharing more content that is related to social media marketing and strategy. I have even created a new tab (that is still under construction) called Girl Boss Resources!

How to Increase Facebook Following

The great thing about both of my passions, is the fact that I do not have to look far for my ideal audience ... I have you all right here! Through time, I realized that I have a great mix of folks who enjoy both passions as much as I do. Also, let me be clear ... Stylishly Decadent will always be a community about fashion and personal style, but we will be making an addition on to the site that will provide resources for bloggers and entrepreneurs who need assistance with their social media visibility.

With that being said, I will also be launching my first mini-course, all about how to Build a Kickass Facebook Following. And get this, it does not include payment for Facebook ads or boosted posts! Dope, right? If you want to learn more about how YOU can build kickass Facebook following, meet me in my office (or, further down the page).

There is power in proof! Check out my engagement during the months of August and September (before implementing my tips), it was super low!

But, near the middle of September is when I began to use my engagement and growth stategies that you will learn in my Build a Kickass Facebook Following Ecourse! Here, you are seeing nearly a 30% increase in my engagement in about a two months. See, your girl has the secrets ... now it's time you unlocked them!

In this mini (but MIGHTY) Facebook course, I will teach you alternative ways to enhance your following and engagement on your Facebook fan pages without putting money in Facebook's bank account. In this five day, five lesson ecourse, I will teach you FREE methods and strategies on how to make a greater impact on your page and how to use these strategies to better inform you on WHO your audience is and why they are attracted to your content or service. Do not get me wrong, ads are great ... but it's crucial to learn how to build and manage your following to build genuine connections between you and your followers. With helpful resource worksheets, video lessons and my coveted engagement tips and tricks, you will be well on your way to Facebook greatness! 

Now that my secret is all out in the open, I want to give you a taste of what I have in store for you with this dope course:

If you are ready to build a kickass Facebook following with me, access your course below:

How to Stay Cozy this Fall + Winter

The fall/winter season is one of my favorite times of the year! Denim tops, leggings, tights, sweaters and boots always make their rotations in my wardrobe, faithfully. Being that I recently changed homestates, the fall season still feels a little warm where I am, but I will share five ways to stay cozy this fall and winter season. If you are sweater weather (or boot weather) ready, hop on over to the next page with me!

Thank you, thredUp for sponsoring this post!

My love for vintage and consignment pieces run deep and I had the awesome pleasure of working with thredUP, an online consignment store where you can find clothing in like-new condition! But let me cut to the chase, I was a little worried that I would not find pieces to fit my plus size figure, but I was completely wrong. thredUp has exclusive brands like Lane Bryant and Eloquii, in which most items are 90% off retail ... hello, a deal is a deal to me! And catch this, you can also make a little change with thredUp and sell your like-new, mint condition clothing! If you are like me, then you adore a good clothing steal. I refuse to break the bank to look fabulous. When you head on over to thredUp, tell them Chakayla sent you! Now, let's get into those five cozy tips!

1. Rock A Cropped Jacket

Fall is known for its unpredictable weather so stay cozy and prepared with a gorgeous cropped jacket! I snagged this little number from my local Goodwill, but my Lane Bryant dress is from thredUp. Who says you can't be trendy on a budget?

Shoe Dazzle Laceup Boots

2. Rock a Cute & Cozy Hat

I am a sucker for a cute hat, I mean this fedora has made an appearance on the blog already! But, whenever you are having a not-so-good hair day or you just want to add a cool element to your outfit, grab a hat and slay the day!

Plus Size Winter Fashion

Plus Size Vintage Shopping
Wearing: Thrifted Jacket| thredUp Lane Bryant dress| Shoe Dazzle Reese Boots

3. Wear (Comfortable) Statement Boots

What better way to celebrate the fall and winter season than with a pair of cute and comfy boots, lace up boots AT THAT! My favorite way to make my dresses fall/winter appropriate is by adding a high calf boot (adorable, right?).

Plus Size Winter Fashion

How to Wear Lace Up Boots
Little man making a run in on my shot.

4. Wear a Button Down Dress

I love a good pair of jeans every now and then, but dresses are always my go-to pieces no matter the season! If you want (almost) effortless comfort, throw on a button down dress. Not only do the buttons give your look a little sass but it also gives your look a little structure to show off your figure. 

Natural Hair Protective Styles

How to Wear a Hat with Natural Hair

How to Wear Lace UP Boots

5. Layer Properly 

Fall and winter can be a bit unpredictable in the south so I always have to stay on point with my layering game! Layering is not only comfortable and cozy, but it creates a chic look without overthinking how to keep yourself warm throughout the day. Also, if you are wondering how to layer properly check out my Layer 101 post!

Plus Size Fall Fashion

If you are in need of more cozy inspiration, head on over to thredUp's cozyUp Pinterest board!

7 Ways to Maximize Your Wardrobe

It's been a while since I've shared a post about how to maximize your wardrobe, but low and behold here it is! Not only do I have seven ways to help you maximize your wardrobe, but these are also seven ways that you can save money this fall and winter seasons. 

If you are ready to learn how to work your current wardrobe without going broke, then I will see you on the next page! 

1. Shirt too Big? 

Learning how to roll with the punches is one thing I learned after six years of thrift shopping. This shirt is a gorgeous Old Navy chiffon blouse that is two sizes too big, but I just had to have it. Hello, a little animal print never hurt. But, when I find myself in this predicament, I like to hike up my sleeves and tie it in the front, especially if I am wearing an amazing pair of high waist jeans. 
Forever 21 Plus Size Jeans

2. Is Your Wardrobe Monochromatic?

Play around with different types of accessories (like gold jewelry) to create a polished look. If you love lipstick (like me), make your lips the center of attention with a bright, vibrant color.

Plus Size Thrift Tips

3. Need More Variety?

Add a hat! Hats give your outfit vibrant personality. 
Plus Size Fashion

4. Wear a Fun Print!

Many times we feel like our wardrobes lack the beauty we adore, because we tend to forget to add the things we truly love to help set us apart. After getting sucked in to different trends, what our favorite celebrities are wearing or even the cool pieces we find on sale, sometimes we forget the purpose of our creating our individual personal styles. But, with this tip I want you to try and add fun prints, textures or fabrics that give your look a pop of personality.

How to Wear a Hat With Natural Hair

5. Find Your Basics ... And Wear Them Often

My love for basic pieces run deep and I wear them any chance I get! During the fall and winter season, my go-to pieces consist of Forever 21 high waist black jeans and my old Wet Seal wide brim fedoras. When you find basic pieces you love, do not be ashamed to wear them over and over again. If you feel like an outfit repeater, it may be time to give your accessories some time to shine.

Forever 21 Plus Size

6. Find Your Go-To Shoe

I am a fan of black shoes, specifically black boots. I am not telling you to stick to one type of shoe, but it important that you show your shoes love. As long as you have a pair of sneakers, boots and flats, these are enough to create an array of gorgeous, functional outfits. Find your favorite shoe and slay honey!

Forever 21 Shoes

7. Find Your Uniform and Build on It

No matter if you enjoy wearing high waist jeans and vintage or flowly blouses or jean jackets and dresses, if this is your uniform, own it! Do not be afraid to mix and match pieces to show off your current moods or theme you want to convey each day. Be fearless and own your personal style.

How to Wear Natural Hair Under a Hat

How will you be maximizing your wardrobe this season?

Demo + Review | Black Opal Pore Perfecting Liquid Foundation

I finally got my hands on the coveted Black Opal Pore Perfecting Liquid Foundation and I reviewed it for you all! If you are anything like me, finding a gorgeous foundation that matches my skin tone is quite a challenge. It kind of baffles me that some beauty brands (who will NOT be named in this post), still have not gotten on the brown girl train and produced foundations that are actually for US. Thank goodness for Black Opal, they consistently slay! 

But before I go too deep into a beauty tangent, check out my review video here:

Black Opal Makeup

How to Style Winter Coats

Winter is the perfect time to layer with our favorite jackets and coats. As for me, I love to layer lighter outerwear under my heavier coats to give my look a polished appeal. But, I know there are many of you who may need some stylish inspiration before the winter season arrives. So if you are ready to see how some of my fellow blogger boos rock their winter jackets, meet me on the next page for more style! 

1. Add a Little Fringe

Plus Size Fringe

2. Wear a Classic (Vintage) Cape
This is the perfect alternative for those who live in moderate areas like Texas or North Carolina.

How to Wear a Poncho

3. Be Pretty in Pastel 

How to Wear Mohair

4. Denim + Camel = PERFECTION

How to Wear a Camel Coat
Kasi, The Style Perk

5. Bold Cobalt 

How to Wear Bright Coat

6. Layer It Up

Plus Size Winter Coats
Chakayla, Stylishly Decadent

7. Pretty Pleats

Plus Size Winter Coats

8. Rock Your Neutrals

Stylish Winter Coat
Marche, Robinson Style

9. Preppy Plaid

Plus Size Winter Coat
Oby, Heart, Print & Style

10. Sleek and Sleeveless

Sleeveless Jacket
Marquita, Courage and Kinks

11. Polished in Pink

How to Wear Bright Coat
Roni, The Travel Guru

12. Winter White

Olivia Pope Coat for Less
Sandy, Fashion Beau Coup

13. Drape It Over a Cool Sweater

Plus Size Winter Coats
Princess, Personal Bravery

14. Rock an Oversized Blazer

Old Navy Plus Size
Ashley, Fab Ellis

*I do not own these photos. Each beauty featured in this post gave me written permission to use their photos.

Which looks are your favorite?