Maximize Your Waradrobe

Stylishly Frugal

Before running to your nearest store, shop your closet first! Okay, how many times have you heard style bloggers say this? Maybe too many times before, but there is truth in this frugal style philosophy. As you all get to know [the mature] me, I am a sucker for trends my way!

When Solange began rocking monochromatic coords, I became obsessed with how polished and effortless she looked in them. But let's cut to the chase, those chic suits cost more than a pretty penny and exceeded not only my style budget, but my life budget!

Fortunately, there is undeniable beauty in thrifting, shopping clearance racks and online sales! When you total up the cost of this look (excluding shoes & accessories), this is a $40 outfit! 

Ok, how many of us are guilty of spending that amount on one piece? I will raise both hands here!

When I see trends, I drool, but I also travel to my nearest Goodwill to see if can find them on a budget. 9 times out of 10 I do! 

Remember: Fashion is cyclic. Trends come around time and time again.

Wearing: SheInside Cape Blazer; Ebay Mesh Top; Lane Bryant Trouser (similar); Forever 21 shoes; Thrifted Bag

Shopping your wardrobe is not only simple but gratifying! To help break it down look around for style/outfit inspiration and break them up into separates: 


Now dive into your closet and access what you have and what you need. 
Remember: No matter the trend or outfit, basics pieces (t-shirts, tanks, leggings) are the core to every outfit you piece together. 

For the pieces that are missing in your wardrobe, don't be afraid to shop at Goodwill, Ebay, or clearance racks!

Accessories tie every look together and make it look stylishly seamless. 

How do you maximize your wardrobe?

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