Style on a Budget

Style Doesn't Cost a Thing

My love for thrifting all began five years ago! I was a poor college student, like most, who wanted to look stylish and still afford to pay for my textbooks.

As time passed and my style matured, I learned how to mix and match my love for modern pieces with classic, thrifted pieces. First things first, many of the retail pieces you will see on this blog were purchased on sale or given to me. Even though I am almost two years out from undergrad, I still like to pinch pennies where I can! 

What better way to start off the week than with a fab pair of thrifted mom jeans? Why spend $30 or more on this trend, when you can just pop into Goodwill and purchase a pair for $5! Besides finding gently used items at resale shops, you can also find BRAND, SPANKING new items as well. For instance, my local Goodwill is always stocked with surplus Target goodies! 

This is good news for me since I scored these Marsala Merona heels from Goodwill for $9! People please do not sleep on this store. There are affordable hidden gems everywhere! 

Wearing: SheInside Cape Blazer; Gifted Bag; Thrifted Jeans & Shoes  
If you are not convinced yet, I will continue to prove the wonders the 'Will!

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