Cheap Girl's Guide: Shopping Retail

Cheap Girl's Guide:

5 Budget-Friendly Tips for Shopping Retail!

1. Sign-up for brand newsletters

Let's be real, have you ever visited your favorite retailer's website and immediately dismissed the newsletter  pop-up? I most certainly have! The first step of acceptance is realizing our financial flaws! Retailers like Forever21 and H&M offer special discounts for customers who sign-up! Trust me, you will thank me later!

2. Follow your favorites brands on social media 

 Stay in the know with your favorite brands on social media! Brands like ASOS and H&M love sharing their current instore/online promotions on Facebook and Instagram. Never lose out on a 24-hour sale again!

3. Shop a season ahead

Grab your seasonal essentials before prices get ridiculous.I am notorious for purchasing sweaters and boots in the middle of summer! I love staying ahead of the game and saving big bucks ... who's with me?

4. Shop the clearance rack ... It's just that simple!

 There is a huge misconception that clothing on clearance are damaged goods. Sorry, this is FALSE! After working in retail for a few years, I learned that clearance items are  simply being phased out to make room for new seasonal collections. Shopping clearance is a great way to keep your valuable dollars in mind.

5. Shop during holidays!

Holidays scream deals, discounts and  fabulous savings! Since I am more of an online shopper, I believe the savings online are much better and easily accessible!

Now that you have my top five budget-friendly tips, go out there and shop wisely! 

What are your budget-friendly tips for shopping retail?