How to Style Sneakers

Spring Essentials: Sneakers

Spring Style

Happy Spring loves!

I am super stoked for the spring season to finally be here. Now if the weather and temperature get on the same page in North Carolina, that would make my whole year!

As soon as I hear the word "spring," I instantly think of bare legs and arms! What better way to accompany those limbs crying for a good tan then with a fly pair of sneakers! During the Christmas season, when I was really obsessing over sneakers, my boyfriend purchased this pair of suede navy blue New Balances for me. I am going to be honest, I had no idea how to rock sneakers. The last time I wore a legitimate pair of sneakers, besides a pair of Converse, was in high school ... six years ago!

To help you figure out how to style that pair of sneakers collecting dust in the back of your closet; I have shared my top 3 tips on how to style sneakers!

1. Throw a faux-leather jacket over your shoulders.

How to Wear Sneakers

A faux-leather jacket, or any jacket that is spring friendly, will add intentional structure to your look. Adding a piece over your shoulders will also prevent you from looking and feeling frumpy. Remember, it's ALL about the layers.

2. Master the "unkempt" chic look.

Spring Sneakers

If you want to achieve that,"I planned this outfit, but I want to look cool and effortless" look, then tuck-in one side of you top. It may look weird at first, but be sure that the tuck isn't so neat and intentional. This is the part where your creativity comes out to play! 

New Balance
Plus Size Spring
Play around with your color palette! It's spring, so anything goes!

3. Have fun!

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 It is just that simple! Try not to get overwhelmed by how other people are wearing sneakers. Try to figure out how you can have fun with your look. Whether it's wearing a pair of slip-on sneaks with a sundress or with a playsuit, make the look all your own.

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How will you be rocking your sneakers this spring?