Layering 101: How-to Layer for Winter

 Stay Winter Chic

Living in North Carolina for the past ten years has made me a layering expert! With that being said, I thought it would be fun to share a few of my layering tips and tricks!

1. Coat
This is the most essential layer to surviving bone-chilling winters! To help balance out the different lengths of your layers, go for a coat that hits you below the knee. 

2. Boots & Tights
These two pieces allow you to extend the life of your beloved summer wardrobe! Whether it is a dress, skirt or a pair of killer wool shorts, boots and tights will help elevate your look from summer basic to winter essential! 

Coat: Talbot's (Ebay Purchase)

 3. Skirt
I simply adore skirts! Skirts give you endless options and help add more stylish complexity to your look. Think about it, you can pair your skirts with tights, jeans or even another skirt! The combinations are endless. 

4. Cardigan
Cardigans are a great basic to layer underneath coats and jackets. Not only do they add extra warmth, but they also add structure to a casual outfit.
Wearing: H&M Cardigan; Denim Shirt (American Eagle Men-similar); Skirt (Gstage Love Plus-similar); Boots (Goodwill) 

5. Denim Shirt
What better way to begin your layered ensemble than with a denim top? It's cute, comfy and adds instant warmth! 

What are your favorite ways to layer?

Photographer: Darren Hummel