Maximize Your Wardrobe:The Ebook!

Hello, loves! 

Over the past six years, I have accumulated a wealth of knowledge about styling  limited wardrobes. Even though I was in college those first few years, I learned how to stretch my money and figure out how to creatively style my wardrobe. If you followed my first blog, Classic.Raw.Beauty., then you have seen the evolution of my style ... and let me tell you it wasn't an easy evolution.  Without guidance, I figured out which types of clothing accentuate my body and style. During that time period, I have collected plenty of tips and tricks that I HAVE to share with you all! This will become a reality next Monday, April 20th!

Chakayla, what's in your ebook?

Welp, I'm glad you asked! Without giving too much of the goods away, this ebook was made with YOU in mind! I know we are in the day and age where content needs to be quick, fast and easy, so this will be an interactive ebook. Below are a few features of the up-and-coming ebook:

-Virtual style consultations with me
-Printable wardrobe checklists
-Ice-breaker activities that reinvent your creativity

How much will your ebook cost?

If you sign-up for my weekly newsletter, my ebook will be FREE of charge!
Yup, I said it!

I cannot wait to share this fun, easy guide with you all! As always, more details will come throughout the week!