Sporty Chic, Part II

Hello Lovelies! 

I decided to do a second installment of my Althleisure 101 series! Click HERE to catch up with the first part of the series. Now, on to today's post!

 Let's face it, everyone is not a sneaker fan but that doesn't mean you can't try this trend. If you are wondering how you rock this trend without adding sneakers, check out my top 3 tips below:

1. Balancing proportions

When rocking a long, over-sized jersey or sporty top, it is important to balance out the length of that top with a shorter skirt and basic heels! If both the top and bottom are both long, free-flowing fabrics, it will add unnecessary bulk to your frame.

2. Quirky Details 

Fashion should be fun and sometimes heels don't always fit the bill! In this case, playing around with different graphics make any althlesiure outfit look unexpectedly chic and casual!

3. Keep it Chill

Simplicity is key! Keep your heeled sandals simple and let the sporty details shine! 

How will you rock the athleisure trend this season?