Ebay Shopping Tips

Ebay Shopping Tips

Shopping on Ebay can be a frustrating task, especially when you have no idea where or how to start! After years of Ebay shopping experience, I want to share my top 5 tips on how to successfully shop this extensive website! 

Natural Hair Turban
Ebay Purchase: African Fabric

1. Be Descriptive

Refine your Ebay search by being as descriptive as possible. Using descriptive terms can lead you to products that closely align to what you are looking to purchase. For instance, if you are looking for large block sunglasses, try searching for square frame sunglasses instead. Not only will this search help broaden your product results, but you will also find sellers that specifically sell products that are either trendy, vintage or useful miscellaneous goods. 

American Apparel Top
Ebay Purchase: American Apparel Crop Top

2. Follow, follow, follow

If you find a seller you love, follow them! Anytime that seller updates their storefront with new products, you will be notified. 

Plus Size Matching Set
Ebay Purchase: Mesh Top

3. Trend Lookout

Not only can you follow sellers, but you are also able to follow your searches. Whether your product search has been successful or a dead end, following these searches can keep you up-to-date with sellers who have the items you need and want!

Camel Coat Style
Ebay Purchase: Talbot's Coat

4. Shop Ebay Categories

If you want the search process to be easier or to help train your Ebay search skills, simply click "Shop by Category." This option breaks down available products in grouped departments like collectibles & art to fashion. This shopping process will be fast, easy and convenient ... thank me later!

Ebay Shopping Tips
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Ebay has been so successful due to impulse buyers (like myself)! In order to ensure that you are really purchasing what you want, add the items you are eyeing to your Watch List. Not only will you be able to scope out other comparable items, but it will calm that impulse to hit BUY IT NOW!

Ebay Shopping
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