Head Wrap Tutorial With The Wrap Life!

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With summer basically alive and well, I know most of us will be trying to figure out what to do with our hair! My hectic schedule does not allow me to fuss over my hair and makeup much, but I need my hair to be protected and unbothered! In order for this to happen, I always make use of my gorgeous headwraps!

Head Wrap Tutorials

Since I love you gals so much, I have three pictorials that you can use to create your own wrap creations! Let me be clear, these pictorials were created to jog your creativity. It is perfectly okay if your wraps do not look EXACTLY like mine, it is all about being creative and having fun!

Okay, now on to those wraps ... 
Before we get started, these three steps are essential for each wrap you will see below. 
1. Cross | 2. Loop | 3. Knot
Head Wrap Styles
Wrap: New Moon
*NOTE: To achieve these looks, try working with a sturdy fabric like wax fabric or stiff cotton.
The Wrap Life

1. Cross | 2. Loop | 3. Knot | 4.Tuck loose end inside gap that forms when the wrap is tied. | 5. Shape and form the loop that forms when tucked. | 6-7. Take second loose end and wrap it across and above the first loop you made. | 8. Secure by tucking in the back of the wrap.

African Wax Print

* Remember, use your basic cross, loop and knot technique first: 1. Tuck loose end inside gap. | 2-3. Secure fabric inside loop by continuing to tuck and then shape as desired. | 4. Take second loose end and loop it inside the first loop you created. | 5. Delicately pull the fabric through. | 6. Let the fabric hang loose while you shape your second loop. | 7. Tuck loose end at the back of the wrap.| 
8. Continue to shape and tuck the front of your wrap to get your desired look. 

Easy Headwrap Tutorials

* Remember, use your basic cross, loop and knot technique first: 1-2. Once you secure the first knot, knot the wrap two more times. | 3. Take a loose end and tuck inside the base of the second knot as if you were creating a present bow. (do not pull all the way through.) | 4-5. Shape the loop. | 6. Repeat bow technique on second loose end and shape as desired. 

This should all be in good fun! Tag me in your Instagram and Twitter photos if you try these wraps!