Top 10 Plus Size Style Tips

How to Be Confident

If you are interested in the ten tips that I use for my personal style, keep reading Decadents!  

Have you ever felt like the lone curvy girl in a skinny world? Well, welcome to my world! To shake off those crazy thoughts, I have created ten tips on how I stay dope 24/7! Please feel free to mix and match these tips to fit your personal style.
Plus Size Dress

1. Fabric Matters

Fabrics like cotton and jersey are curve loving fabrics while materials like spandex will show every lump/bump you do not want to show (thank goodness for shapers).  

Plus Size Trends

2. Know Your Measurements

Whether you go to a seamstress or follow a brand's size guide, it is important that you know how clothing precisely accentuates your figure.

ASOS Curve

3. Accentuate Your Waist

Polish your look by tucking in your tee or wearing a high waist skirt. 

How To Mix Prints

4. Embrace Colors & Prints ( & Textures too!)

Being plus size does not have to be boring! Play up your wardrobe with fun details that already exist in your wardrobe. 

5. Play Up Your Favorite Feature 

Whether it's your legs or your waist, wear clothing that highlight those features.

Sporty Trend

6. Balancing Proportions

Polish your look by balancing not only the lengths of your hems but also how tight/loose your bottoms or tops are. Just a rule of thumb: if it's short (tight) up top, make it long (loose) at the bottom and vice versa. 

7. High Waist It! 

Simply, when in doubt rock a high waist bottom to make you torso appear slimmer. 

How to Thrift

8. Mix Your Prints

Have fun and mix and match your prints! To make your look more cohesive, find one common color in both prints to complete the look.

How to Wear Sneakers

9. Rock Your Skirts

Let your legs go bare! Not only is it a confidence booster, but it's absolutely sexy!

10. Do YOU!

The whole purpose of these tips and tricks are to help enhance what you already have going on! Do you and be happy while doing so.