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Shoes Every Woman Owns

During my college years, I always struggled with a strange boot addiction! Whenever my friends and I would go shopping or even when I would shop online in my room, I was always drawn to any kind of boot. It didn't matter if they were riding boots, booties, over-the-knee or cheap heeled boots ... I had to have them! As I worn out my favorite boots or got rid of the boots that were just downright ugly,  I began to realize how limited I was in the shoe department. Hear me out, it was bad guys! Every morning I would be riddled with frustration when I could not find a pair of heels, flats or even a simple pair of sneakers to go with an outfit I had envisioned. When I think about it now, I literally had like three pairs of boots and some hideous platform heels that no longer fit the bill for my wardrobe needs. As of this year, I have finally begun to fine tune my footwear. From sneakers to block heeled booties, I have pieces that now meet my needs. To help you get your shoe addiction in check, I have created a cool guide that breaks down shoes that every woman should own! 

Functionality always trumps quantity. 

If you had to count the pairs of shoes you have never worn, how many would you say were useless? If you are searching for a third hand to count on, then sister we are in the same boat. When building YOUR perfect shoe wardrobe, try not to focus on how many pairs you need but more so on the purpose of your footwear. One of the best ways to assess which types of shoes you will need, think of the places they will be accompanying you most: work, church, conferences may be parties?
Realistically you could survive with a few different categories of shoes:






Trendy is not always RIGHT.

Remember when jelly shoes came back in style? If you purchased a pair, how many times have you worn them? Don't worry, I'll wait. I'm not saying trendy is wrong, but it is important to keep in mind the return you will get from your footwear. If you can honestly foresee yourself wearing them for a few seasons ahead, then they may be worth the investment. One tip to consider: purchase trends on a budget. Try to find inexpensive trendy options at Target, thrift stores or my favorite ... Ebay.

Classic wardrobe staples will never fail you!

When in doubt, stick with the classics! Whether you decide to wear ballet flats or classic canvas sneakers, these are pieces that never go out of style. Think of classic wardrobe staples as the framework to your wardrobe ... in essence, you can also think of your shoe wardrobe in the same manner. There are a few shoe varieties that every woman should own! Luckily for you, I have provided a free shoe wardrobe checklist that you can access below.

Shoe Wardrobe Checklist

What shoes will you be buying this season?