Thrift Store Shopping Tips

Hello Decadents! 

As some of you have gotten to know my style journey in my ebook,  Maximize Your Wardrobe, thrifting is the core of my wardrobe. After five years of developing my "thrift eye," I have my fair share of thrift store shopping tips! If you want to develop your eye for second-hand style, check out my five thrift shopping tips!

Thrift Store Shopping Tips

1. Shop Trends at Thrift Stores... First

Trends come and go, so why spend a bookoo amount of money on them? Once I decide to embrace a trend, I  take a trip to my local thrift store! Honestly, you never know who is dropping off what ... especially if your thrift store is in an affluent or urban area. Remember, remain calm and carefree when digging through hoards of clothes!

2. Clothes Hangers Ain't Loyal!

My close friend, who I call my sister, SheRea of My Thrifted Closet has taught me the importance of this! Let me share this now ... I absolutely HATE trying on clothes but when thrifting, it is a must! If you do not take heed to any of my thrift store shopping tips, this one is MUST!

3. Be Optimistic! 

There are times when I walk into a thrift store and feel like crap when I don't find what I am looking for, but these are the times when I challenge myself and think optimistic thoughts! Learning how to see the bigger picture when thrifting is crucial. Thrifted pieces will not always look cute when you purchase them, but learning how to revamp and DIY a thrifted piece is important! Do not be afraid to search Pinterest or YouTube to find some style or trend inspiration.

4. Write A Wish List

Okay, this tip may be both a good and bad thing! Writing a wish list is great to have on hand when you go shopping just so you have an idea what you want! On the other hand, having a wish list can limit your vision. To find that happy medium, always be open to finding things that aren't on your list.

5. Bring A Trusted Friend Along

Whether you are a newbie or a thrifting vet, it is always great to bring along a friend to give you honest opinions about your pieces! Besides, what are great friends for?

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