How to Shop at Thrift Stores

Hi, Decadents! 

If you are familiar with my original post, Thrift Store Shopping Tips, then you will be familiar with the tips and tricks I shared with you all earlier this summer! But, as my love for thrift heightened over the season I have a few more tips to share with you. If you are ready to master the art of thrifting, or at least wanting to feel comfortable stepping inside of one, then hop on over to the next page for more!

Plus Size Thrift Tips

1. Shop Trends at Thrift Stores... First

Trends come and go, so why spend a bookoo amount of money on them? Once I decide to embrace a trend, I  take a trip to my local thrift store! Honestly, you never know who is dropping off what ... especially if your thrift store is in an affluent or urban area. Remember, remain calm and carefree when digging through hoards of clothes!

2. Clothes Hangers Ain't Loyal!

My close friend, who I call my sister, SheRea of My Thrifted Closet has taught me the importance of this! Let me share this now ... I absolutely HATE trying on clothes but when thrifting, it is a must! If you do not take heed to any of my thrift store shopping tips, this one is MUST!

3. Be Optimistic! 

There are times when I walk into a thrift store and feel like crap when I don't find what I am looking for, but these are the times when I challenge myself and think optimistic thoughts! Learning how to see the bigger picture when thrifting is crucial. Thrifted pieces will not always look cute when you purchase them, but learning how to revamp and DIY a thrifted piece is important! Do not be afraid to search Pinterest or YouTube to find some style or trend inspiration.

4. Write A Wish List

Okay, this tip may be both a good and bad thing! Writing a wish list is great to have on hand when you go shopping just so you have an idea what you want! On the other hand, having a wish list can limit your vision. To find that happy medium, always be open to finding things that aren't on your list.

5. Bring A Trusted Friend Along

Whether you are a newbie or a thrifting vet, it is always great to bring along a friend to give you honest opinions about your pieces! Besides, what are great friends for?

6. Go To The Salvation Army 

Sometimes when we see the words "thrift" or "thrift store" we instantly think of Goodwill. Trust me, for years all I could see was Goodwill and no other thrift store. Thank goodness for my bestie, I have fell in love with the Salvation Army! Let's be clear, Salvation Army may remind you of your grandma's basement (at times) but there are hidden gems ALL OVER the store. To maximize on the time you may spend inside one, set aside at least two-three hours where you can sift through the clothing racks and shelves. If you want to master thrift, I encourage you to shop here at least once. 

7. Shop on Deal Days

If you are in an area where your local thrift store has a percentage off on a special holiday weekend or massive clearance sale, then its time to get up and go! Even though thrifting is fairly inexpensive, I still love seeing a $5 vintage blouse go on sale for a $1. Trust me, you will thank me later for this tip. 

8. Subscribe to Thrift Store Newsletters

 If your local thrift stores are on social media or have a customer newsletter, please take full advantage of this! There is a local thrift store in my area that consistently sends me updates on store promos, deals and sales! Always stay in the know. 

9. Inspect, inspect, inspect 

Ain't nothing like purchasing a dope white blazer and going home only to realize that there is a huge yellow stain on the arm. To prevent this from happening to you, please check the ins and outs of your pieces. Not only will this save you money, but huge heartaches as well!

10. Keep Vintage Sizing in Mind 

This tip is closely related to tip 2, but this tip is just as important. When you see a vintage blazer or blouse that has a size small/medium/large tag on it, please disregard that. Vintage sizing is completely different from what we are accustomed to! For instance, a vintage size medium would ideally be a modern day large. So girl, try on that top before you get discouraged by the size. 

11. Skip the Crowds 

If you are new to thrifting or you just want to shop without the hustle and bustle, try going to your local thrift store early in the morning or mid-afternoon. This time schedule will vary on location, but try experimenting to see what times the crowds begin rolling around and try to avoid them if you can. 

12. Try Out the Local Mission Thrift 

Mission thrifts are stores that are usually run by churches or charities, in which a portion of the porceeds are donated to their organization. Mission thrifts are style hubs for finding dope quality vintage pieces you may have never found at Goodwill or Salvation Army!  If you are looking for one-of-kind pieces that are no longer being produced, here is where you want to be! Candidly, it does take time to see the potential in the pieces you may find here, but in tip 13 ... you will find out why! 

13. Don't Knock It Before You Try It

Ok, so we just talked about trying out other thrift stores outside of Goodwill and we also talked about giving vintage pieces a try before we get discouraged. With that being said, please try not to knock thrifting before you try it. Some of these tips may seem daunting, but they will help you feel more confident when it's time to go thrifting. Going into a thrift store with a patience and open mind will help you reap the benefits you may have never believed you could have found. Your wardrobe will thank you!