Halloween Costume Ideas 2015

Hi, Decadents! 

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays to go all in with my hair, makeup and fashion (of course). It's been awhile since I've celebrated the holiday with a blog post, so I decided to break that trend and create this fun post for you all! If you had a chance to read my 70s Lookbook posts (here and here), then you may have a good idea about which era is my favorite. But, for this Halloween post, I wanted to switch it up a bit and channel the Roaring 1920s! If you want the deats to this look, catch me on the next page, lovely. 

Thank you, Plus Size Lingerie Boutique for sponsoring this post!

The great folks from Plus Size Lingerie Boutique sent me this cute flapper dress and matching accessories to celebrate the Halloween season in style, honey! I must say, this is one of my favorite costumes to date.

Great Gatsby Style Clothing

If you are a vintage enthusiast like myself, and if you have some time on your hands, you may be able to find a 1920s inspired dress for your costume. But, if you are are short on time, Plus Size Lingerie Boutique is the perfect option for you. With speedy delivery, daily deals and a super-organized website, you will be able to find the perfect costume for yourself. 

Halloween Costumes
Don't forget your string of pearls for this look. It is an absolute must!
Plus Size Costumes
Wearing: Plus Size Lingerie Boutique: Flapper Dress, String of Pearls, Feather Headband
 If you want to make this look more authentic, feel free to throw on a pair of textured tights (preferably, fishnets) and load on the the arm and ring accessories.

Plus Size Dress

For good measure, I styled this costume with one of my beautiful vintage finds, my gold clasp black purse! Doesn't this bag just pull everything together? I think this costume really tops all others I have created and worn in the past. 

Plus Size Lingerie Boutique

Who do you think I'm channeling here?