How to Define Your Personal Style

Hi, Decadents! 

I wasn't kidding when I said my hiatus is over! Be prepared for great content every Friday. 

About two weeks ago, I sent out a newsletter that asked, "If you could change one thing about your wardrobe, what would it be?" Surprisingly, I got a few emails from inspiring women who were curious about how they could better define their personal style. One bit of advice that I continued to share with these women would be that personal style evolves as you do! As our interests, favorite places to shop, geographical location or even friendships ... so does our personal style! The College Chakayla and Career Chakayla are two different people! I mean ... really different. If you are ready to learn how to define your personal style (at this moment) meet me on the next page!

Define Your Personal Style

1. Find What Inspires You 

What are some of the things that inspire you the most? If you have a pen and pad around (your Iphone Notes app will work fine too), jot down a few things that make you tick. No matter if you adore visual arts, bright colors or monochromatic graphic prints these are elements that you can begin to incorporate into your wardrobe. Not only are these easy add-ins but these are simple additions that will bring your personality to life.

2. Find Your Style Muse 

Solange Knowles and June Ambrose have been my style muses for years. One of the ways I keep up with what their wearing would be through Instagram and Twitter! Anytime I see a look I would love to restyle, I pin my favorite looks onto a Pinterest board or I screenshot images on my phone. Finding your style muse will be easier than you think. Who are the celebrities, bloggers or close friends that inspire your mental wardrobe? When you see them rocking a cute skirt or top, do you try to find pieces that are similar? Well then my dear, you have found your style muse. When you find your style muse(s), think of some of the things you just adore about their personal style. Use these things to help inspire how you style your next outfit.

3. Create a Pinterest Board of Style Inspirations

If you have multiple style inspirations, not just people or things, try to create a Pinterest board full of elements that inspire you. One thing you may notice throughout this post would be that your personal style is fueled by your interests and passions. Trust me, you do not have to reach too far to find your personal style or badass wardrobe!

4. Statement Pieces Set Your Look Apart

Statement pieces help create interesting outfits your wardrobe needs. When rethinking your personal style, try adding in conversational pieces that you may have ignored in the past. Two of my favorite places to find statement pieces are Target and Goodwill. No matter if it's a bejeweled sweater or vintage chain print blouse, statement pieces elevate any outfit.

5. Learn from Your Past Style Phases (or Mistakes)

In order to improve your current personal style, it is so important to learn from your past style phases or mistakes. As I wrote that line, I briefly closed my eyes in disdain as I thought about my wardrobe in college (O.M.G.). But, these phases in our personal style are just inevitable... I mean really, they are! On occasion, I take some time to look at my past Facebook posts to observe what I wore back in the day. Okay as much as I cringe at the photos, they serve as memories for each milestone in my life. Before I get all mushy, I say this to share that your style is very near and dear to the person you are or the person you want to become.

So, how will you start creating you own personal style?