Weekend Reads With Chakayla

Happy Sunday, Decadents! 

I am back with my second installment of Weekend Reads with Chakayla! After sharing my first post, some of you encouraged me to share some of the things I'm also reading on my favorite blogs/sites and even great things I catch on Netflix (#netflixandchill or nah?). Since you all inspire a good bit of the content that exists on this blog, I couldn't help but add to my weekend entertainment list. Before I blab too much, hop over to the next page to see what I am loving this weekend. 

Best Books to Read 2015

Home Decor 

Emily Target Style

For the past few months or so, I have really been obsessed with home decor. After scouring  Emily's blog, one post really sparked my interest. A few weeks ago, Emily had the pleasure of designing fashion blogger, Nicolette Mason's Hollywood Home! Clearly, I am obsessed with Nicolette's feminine, yet edgy personal style; but paired with Emily's chic eye for style and design ... this was most certainly a match made in style heaven. 

Nicolette Mason Marie Claire

Buzzfeed Does Home Decor ... Too!

After taking my job as an assistant social media strategist in the agency world, Buzzfeed was my holy-grail for finding cool trends to share with my team members. Now, that I am pursuing other things, Buzzfeed is still my go to source for all things dope and mind boggling. As soon as I saw this post about how NOT to decorate/style my place, I had to read it. The small things we learned from our parents or design skills we inherited with time, can really impact how we manage and design our homes. With that being said, this is a fun, must-read post I am sure you will enjoy. 

Current Netflix Favorite

Like most bloggers with tons of things "to-do" and plenty of content to create, I have a tendency to stay up ... real late. So, one of my favorite things to do is surf through Netflix to find cool films. One of those films that caught my eye was the Advanced Style documentary, featuring seven women over the age of 50 and how they use style to express their inner youth, happiness and chic attitude! Being that I am a HUGE fan of Iris Apfel, this documentary satisfied my insatiable appetite for fashion. I'm telling you, this is a must-watch Netflix documentary! 

Advanced Style Blog

Which books/articles/films should I be looking out for?