Girl Boss 101: How to Increase Facebook Engagement Rate {for FREE!}

For the past six years I have blogged about fashion and personal style and it has been a blast! After taking some time off and creating Stylishly Decadent, I found that I have a deep love for teaching women not only how to create their own personal styles, but also how to build their own brands through social media branding and online community building. With that being said, in January I will be sharing more content that is related to social media marketing and strategy. I have even created a new tab (that is still under construction) called Girl Boss Resources!

How to Increase Facebook Following

The great thing about both of my passions, is the fact that I do not have to look far for my ideal audience ... I have you all right here! Through time, I realized that I have a great mix of folks who enjoy both passions as much as I do. Also, let me be clear ... Stylishly Decadent will always be a community about fashion and personal style, but we will be making an addition on to the site that will provide resources for bloggers and entrepreneurs who need assistance with their social media visibility.

With that being said, I will also be launching my first mini-course, all about how to Build a Kickass Facebook Following. And get this, it does not include payment for Facebook ads or boosted posts! Dope, right? If you want to learn more about how YOU can build kickass Facebook following, meet me in my office (or, further down the page).

There is power in proof! Check out my engagement during the months of August and September (before implementing my tips), it was super low!

But, near the middle of September is when I began to use my engagement and growth stategies that you will learn in my Build a Kickass Facebook Following Ecourse! Here, you are seeing nearly a 30% increase in my engagement in about a two months. See, your girl has the secrets ... now it's time you unlocked them!

In this mini (but MIGHTY) Facebook course, I will teach you alternative ways to enhance your following and engagement on your Facebook fan pages without putting money in Facebook's bank account. In this five day, five lesson ecourse, I will teach you FREE methods and strategies on how to make a greater impact on your page and how to use these strategies to better inform you on WHO your audience is and why they are attracted to your content or service. Do not get me wrong, ads are great ... but it's crucial to learn how to build and manage your following to build genuine connections between you and your followers. With helpful resource worksheets, video lessons and my coveted engagement tips and tricks, you will be well on your way to Facebook greatness! 

Now that my secret is all out in the open, I want to give you a taste of what I have in store for you with this dope course:

If you are ready to build a kickass Facebook following with me, access your course below: